Wednesday, May 1, 2013

House & Office Update--Rugs

hey yall! 
today we are going to talk about rugs. as ya'll know i will be moving into my new house at the end of the month. and i have plans to re-do my office. so. naturally my mind has been reeling with decorating ideas. i want both my house and office to be a reflection of me. to be bright and colorful. like the sun.

in my new house, there is no carpet so i'm going to have to use rugs all throughout to make the house warm and homey. i've decided to go with a brighter color scheme than my house now, so all the rugs i've chosen are fun and more importantly affordable. 

i had several people tell me i should check out pottery barn teen cause they had super cute rugs for cheap..uhh i'm not sure what "those people" call cheap but pb teen ain't it. i'm talking semi-cute 300 dollar rugs..and that ain't cheap, people. 

so i moved on to a different site. and that site is: overstock dot com.
i have always had pretty good luck with this site, they're definitely cheap, and it's free shipping. 
ohh and their rug selection is outta this world. tons and tons for great affordable prices. even a college student could buy em. i found so many rugs i liked that it's going to be hard picking favorites. and it's definitely gonna be hard picking just one for my office. 

here's some that i think would be great for my office. i told ya'll in my "office inspiration" post that i wanted to get a zebra print rug. but after look at overstock's collection, i can't decide. might need ya'lls help. 
so it looks like it's either gonna be a zebra print or chevron rug chillin in my office. i just can't decide. 
which one do you like?

the next few, are ones that i would love to have in my new house. hey i might even get em all. 
for my bedroom.
possibly in the dining room.
would love this one in my art studio.
maybe another bedroom rug.
for the hallway.

aren't they all like so much fun? seriously, i wouldn't mind finding a spot for all of these rugs in my new crib. they also have some super nice and cute outdoor rugs that i liked, too. needless to say, i'm getting pretty excited about my new house. my blog is probably going to be nothing but new house talk for the rest of the year a couple of months. hey, it's my blog and as ya'll know..i do what i want. 

today, i'm hoping to get my new desk put together. i have spent the morning cleaning out my old desk so they can bring my new desk in. i'm thinkin my cleaning crew and i will go clean a few houses i got alotta vacant ones right now while the boys get rid of my old desk and bring my new one in. as of right now, cleaning rent houses is bout all i can do cause e'rything is in boxes. old man finally rolled into the office. peace out sweet cheeks!
"well i've got a wonderful idea. we'll spend the day doing things we've never done before. we'll take turns. first something you've never done, than me. course, i can't think of anything i haven't done."
[breakfast at tiffany's]


  1. I love the chevron one with the thick and thin chevrons! So cute!

  2. Love all of them!! Ballard Designs is a great place to check. And, (don't think I'm crazy) Walmart! Seriously, we got our big 8X10 rug from there and not only was it super affordable, but it is the most plush rug I've ever felt!

  3. Chevron all the way! Red is pretty, but so is gray and teal!