Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fun Things

ain't that the truth.

hey guys. i gotta pretty fun post today..obvi just look at the title.
anyways... i think we have established that yours truly is a self-proclaimed shopaholic. it's true. i ain't even scared to admit it. so naturally, i always wanna tell you's about the good deals i get, all the things on my wishlist, and just my shopping adventures in general. 

so today, i'm going to do just that. starting with a pair of shoes i have had my eye on..
i had seen these black shoes first on "target does it again" [an instagram account] and wanted a pair so bad, that i added it to my on-going wish list. then, when i was flippin through my alloy catalog they [still] send me each month..i saw the madden girl gloriee flats chillin in their shoe section. i liked this style a little better cause they look like toms. and i know toms are comfortable. AND alloy had sent me a 20% off coupon. so i ordered these bad boys, got $7 knocked of my order, and they should arrive on my doorstep real soon.

so i could check these mugs off my wishlist. 
speaking of wishlist here's three items that i've added recently.. and i need them.
i want the middle necklace SO bad. i have a gift card to shop riff-raff that i've been waiting to use for something good..and this is definitely worth it. unfortunately you can't order them off of their website so you have to email or call. i emailed them yesterday morning but i haven't gotten a response yet.......
i saw these little guys on pinterest and am determined to find something similar for my new porch.
the "target does it again" girls posted these mirrors the other day and i knew i had to have one for either my office or my house. i just love em. they have em in stores but you can also find em online.

now, time to show off a few things that i've gotten. liiiiike..
i went a couple of weekends ago and this is what i came home with. not too bad, for this shopaholic. we've got my regular makeup needs, some new fingernail polish, and gangster squad on blu-ray. 
[i thought gangster squad was pretty should check it out]
i didn't have "spoon rest" on my wish list but when i saw this pretty eggplant one at kirkland's for three bucks i knew i couldn't pass it up. plus i didn't have one, so technically i needed it. 
as ya'll know i have been re-doing my office and i got a new desk so your homegirl needed some desk top organizers..especially since my new desk doesn't have as much storage as my old one. 
[i cannot wait to do the full reveal]

oh my goodness i've just been finding some gooood stuff lately. 
last week i showed ya'll the bedding i ordered from kohls for my new house. and it came in on tuesday! holla. i was crunk, ya'll. not only is it better than the picture gave it justice, but it's material is just outta this world! and i couldn't be happier with it all.
it seriously is pretty perfect.

and the last little bunch are from the mug swap i participated in at chaotic goddess swaps. i am just now getting around to posting about it. in all honesty, i completely forgot. and i kinda thought it was too late to link up..but it's not! i was paired up with aubrey @ high-heeled love. and girl did not disappoint. not only do i love my mug but she loaded me up with goodies. AND some very and i mean very pretty tablecloths.
i gobbled all the goodies up pretty quick, i've used my mug already, and i have big plans for the tablecloths.
wooo whata post right there. but i just love material things. i'm sorry i'm not sorry. 
i've had my eyes on a few must have's right now and i'm just debating if i should get em or use the money towards new house stuff. ahh decisions, decisions. 
this will be my last post this week. i've been so busy cleaning rent houses, and kickin butt that your girl is a little sleepy. [three this week] we just have so many vacant ones right now that it's gettin a little redic. i don't have huge plans for the weekend, maybe hot springs..maybe just sleeping in my bed..but i hope all ya'll have an awesome weekend. i've been looking forward to it since sunday evening.
"i don't want to shop at old ladies' stores. i don't want to go to j.jill and chico's and ann taylor loft. i'm not ready yet."
[this is 40] 


  1. from one shopaholic to another, I am super jealous of everything in this post. NEED.

  2. I love your finds! Especially that RiffRaff necklace! They are really helpful over the phone, so if you don't hear a response soon, I would call before they sell out!

  3. I like the riff raff necklaces. Hope you get a response soon.

    Glad you enjoyed your package. My new mug is my office coffee-first-thing-in-the-morning mug. It's so pretty. Thanks, again!

  4. OoOoO....What are your plans for the tabelcloths? I love the monogram mug (very clean and simple, and pretty). Thanks for joining us for the swap! :D