Thursday, May 2, 2013

Completely Cray

that's how my life is right now. it is just crazy.
this being the main reason:
yep, playas, that's my new executive desk. the boys put it together for me yesterday afternoont. but now my office is in shambles. my computer isn't set up, my phone is unplugged, my files are in now what? annnd we've had to put this little project on hold now i'm stuck. 
luckily, i have 12 rent houses i'm trying to get ready to be rented. i'm not lying about that number. so that will get me away from my office until they can get everything set back up for me. i also might go to office depot or target and find some desk organizers. i feel like i have lots to do but hey i'm so happy with my new desk that i can deal with the inconvenience. 

speaking of new...i found a new quilt for my bed. i had first seent it at overstock and new i wanted it for my new bedroom. the theme for my bedroom is totally different than my bedroom now. and i mean totally different. if you follow me on instagram you probably saw me post this picture:
i had signed up for a kohls charge card back in january and it finally came in. well now, they send me all kinds of coupons and offer so many special promos that i catch myself looking at their site a couple of times a week. and that's when i saw that kohls had the same quilt that overstock has..this quilt:
don't ya love it? it's perfect. see, i was really wanting a grey and white chevron quilt and this one is reversible, and as you can see the other side is: grey and white chevron. exactly what i've been looking for. also i had a 15% off coupon + a $25 gift card so i got this bedding set for $57.13. holla!
i'm really crunk about it.
ok, let's talk bout something different for a minute...i feel like i've been driving ya'll cray cray with all the house and office updates. but ya girl is excited..and i love sharing my excitement here on my blog. 
anywhoo..last night i saw the best movie i've seen all year. and i've seen a lot of movies this year. like a lot, a lot. so of course i had to tell ya'll about it. so you can be sure to check it out. 
this story is amazing. i was blown away by the human race. it really shows that when it comes down to it, we're all human..and helping each other is just an instinct. the fact that this is a true story about a real family literally has my mind blown..the older brother in the a true hero. see this one. 

also i have a crush..a crush on a silky floral cardigan
this cardigan:
man, oh man, i want this soooo bad. and i think i might treat myself when i gets my paycheck tomorrow. i have been doing so good, not buying clothes or stuff i don't need, that i deserve this. 
also i might get me a couple of these bad boys, too:
unfortunately sophistifunk doesn't have these on their website just yet.
have you seen anything you're lusting after?

anyway, i guess i best find my bootay something to do for the rest of the day. 
and i probably won't post tomorrow cause i'm thinkin i'm still gonna be in this completely cray state. i got houses to clean and this weekend i'll be hitting up my conway store to check on our new employees we hired this week. ohh and i getta babysit this junebug on sunday.
him's mommy and daddy are going on vacation tomorrow so he's staying with his grandparents. [my parents] while his parents go and enjoy the beach. so i get to spend some time with my nephew boo.
what are you doing this weekend?
hmm to find something to keep me busy.
"we drew one of you dying cause our teacher said it would be more dramatic."
[a bug's life]


  1. I am sucka for chevron! LOVE the new quilt!! And I am a huge kohls shopper! I always arm myself with coupons when I go there.

  2. Oh my gosh I'm in LOVE with that quilt and bedset! the colors, the style, everything! LOVE it!

    Your new desk is great too!