Friday, April 12, 2013

Where The Hay Have I Been??

hey yo, fridaaay! how you during? i am so ready for the weekend. i actually have plans this weekend, too. i refuse to just hang out at home all i'm going to one of my most favorite places in the entire springs.
i'm not gonna head down till saturday afternoont. i have to pick up all the winter clothes from the hot springs' store, my bff is moving into a larger rent house, and my family will be at the lake house. sooo it should be a fun weekend. i'm so looking forward to weekends where i'm in hot springs every other weekend. that's when i know it's summatime! 

anyways, i wanted to just tell you's about a little discovery i made this week.
see, i had been using this particular foundation:
and i liked it. i probably been using this for about a year maybe a little longer, right. well this weekend i ran out. so i hopped up to target to pick up a new bottle. only to find out, that target no longer sells this brand. buut i mean come on, i needed new foundation for the week. 
so i decided to try out revlon colorstay foundation (for oily/combo skin) and yall, where the hay have i been? seriously. and why the hay have i never tried this before? i cannot tell ya'll enough how awesome this new little makeup staple is. see, the past two years i have struggled with acne. i have super close relationship with my derm and i'm a strong believer in face creams. but it's like every thing i tried would only kinda clear my face up. there probably has been at least one pimple on my face for the past two years. i don't have issues with my weight, i have issues with my face. and just this week my skin has cleared up tremendously. ever since i started using revlon. maybe that kidd foundation has been the reason i'm struggling with acne..... ohh and the foundation coverage is even more awesome. pluuus it's fourteen dollas cheaper than jemma kidd.

so needless to say, i needed to share my new love interest. [no i'm not cheating on stoli.]
sometimes more expensive isn't always more better.

oh and before i leave here to start tagging hog statues...

i wanted to share a song that i am DIGGIN. seriously, it goes hard..a lot like brooklyn.
that song is by my main man future.
i love future's voice. so original. i wouldn't mind him treating me to some medallions.
linking up with whitney today for "back that azz up friday."
what are you during this weekend? gettin crunk?
all i can say is i'm ready for some sunshine! [typical]
"you wanna be famous? learn how to take blood out of car upholstery. that's a skill you can't take to the bank."


  1. Yay for Friday! Awesome you found a new foundation love. I am in love with Hello Flawless by benefit. Pricey, but soooo good!

  2. High for girls of the south!! Love your song choice!! Visiting from the linkup, now following via GFC!