Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Conway Location

yep. i got some pictures today of the conway store's progress. the store is in downtown conway right now but we are hoping to move to a new spot soon. the new spot is on the newer, busier side of town. i love the spot we are in now but it's just inconvenient. the parking situation is rough, there's not as much traffic, and trying to unload trailers full of merchandise is definitely not as easy as it is at my other three stores.

i showed yall these first couple pictures last week and as you can see a store looks a million times better when it's jam packed full of stuff. i will say it's a little messy because we are just kinda having to work with what we got until we move to a new location. then we will be able to bring trailer loads of store fixtures, and make the conway location look like the other three.
the lady who owned it before us had very little merchandise left, so needless to say we have already brought in a TON of stuff. i will say it is gonna suck to move twice. moving a store to a new location is NOT EASY.
bye bye blank space!!
i have our housewares and auto accessories in the front part of the store. it's a little overwhelming when you walk in. 
[told you i didn't have much to work with]
conway didn't have any license plates when we started out. glad i fixed that. automobile accessories are one of our best sellers.
 our sales counter has been driving me up the wall. look how junky it is! i know when we move to our new spot we will be able to get a hella lot more organized. i don't know if yall know it or not but organization is key when running a retail store.
i love the red counter. i think it would be super neat if we painted a huge hog on it...but it's gonna be a lot nicer and more efficient when we trade it out for a shiny new showcase.
baby clothes and kids clothes are another HUGE seller for us. i think that's mainly because i offer sizes newborn through twelve years old. yep i have made it my mission to have every single size of clothing for every single size of fan.
& as you can see here, the kids section is no longer lacking. i hope the word is getting out.
we got stuck with some uca stuff [a college in conway] so i really hope it sells. 
 as you can see it was suuuper empty. women didn't even have a section!
but we changed that.
and there you have it. the conway location. we will stay in this temp location till we get in our new spotthen we'll move this baby in one weekend..and after that, it'll be FOOTBALL SEASON.

i'm telling yall it is just gonna be hogwild having four razorback stores this season. i'm sure by december my head will be spinning round and round. i can't believe i was ever trying to give this job up. yes, it is stressful and it does wear me out but i really do enjoy it. it's fun. i probably wouldn't feel this way without my homegirl, beth [she deals with employees, customers, advertising, and social media] we make a great team. and i'm pretty positive we are posed to be besties.
so, whatchall think? do you love your job as much as i do?
i still have yet to show yall pics of the new north little rock store. ugh. i so need to do that. and i'm pretty sure i never showed ya'll pics of the little rock location. sheesh, i'm behind. i posted before pictures of the little rock store but just never got around to doing the "after" photos. hmm i'm gonna make another mission post about the new nlr location and post after pics of the lr location, before football season hits. that's my goal and i'm sticking to it, people.
alrighty, off to work on some donations and get some orders done for the stores.
"if you ask me, anyone who hates their job has no one to blame but themselves. we make our own destinies, and i've made a sweet one here."
[horrible bosses]

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