Friday, April 26, 2013

The Big Question--Why Do I Blog?

when leslie introduced this link up on her blog on monday, i knew i had to link up. 
i get this question every time someone finds out that i am one of those weird bloggers that displays their entire life on the web to millions of strangers.
why? why do i blog? 

well it all started one day in august of 2010. 
my sissy had recently started a blog. and she told me i should do the same.
so i did. for no reason at all besides the fact that my sis had one. and in my life, whatevs my sis has, i want, too. besides babies she showed me how to make posts, customize my template, along with a couple of other tips. and before long, i became hooked on making my blog all about me.  

then in september my life changed, when i was put in charge of opening a razorback store during the holiday season. [i work at my family's collegiate wholesale business] we had a vacant building we were having trouble renting [i also handle our rental property business] so we decided just to make it a store during christmas..and then close it down in january. 
i figured posting about this project would be fun and also give me things to write about. little did i know, that two and half years later i would have four little projects in the central arkansas area.
[north little rock, little rock, hot springs, and conway]
you can read about how all four locations came to be, the re-models, the full inside scoop on everything, the name change, buying merchandise and all the progress and changes of this ever-growing business right here on my blog. and i think that's pretty neat. i love that we can look back and see how much we've grown. and how much i've grownup. ya'll should see my muscles now!

so. that's the MAIN reason i blog. 
but it's not the ONLY reason. 

this is mos def a "job blog" but it's also a "lifestyle" blog, too. i write a lot about my life on here. is that scary? maybe. do i care? no. in all honesty, i just really enjoy it. i absolutely LOVE looking back at what i was doing this time last year. i used to write in a journal everyday, when i was younger; so this is like my adult journal. i have grown so much in the three years that i have had this blog and i'm so happy that i can go back and read about all my learning and the different adventures that made me the woman i am today. i definitely don't tell ya'll ever little nitty gritty detail of my life but hey who wants to remember that stuff, anyway. and i really like swapping life stories with other bloggers. i've "met" some pretty amazing women and have found that i have lots in common with several of them. one time in the 5th grade we had pen pals from a different state. and i swear i thought that was the coolest thing EVER! to me it's just another reason why i do it. i have gotten some awesome advice, and have made friends with people i've never met, but cherish as my own friends.
so there ya have it. why i blog in nutshell...because i like it. 

also, the compliments i get from my own friends and family about it are pretty awesome, too. i've always been a very private person, not wanting to share anything about my life. and now i just let people read about it. some of my friends still think it's dumb and they don't understand it..but to me it's not any different then a paragraph long status update on facebook...just a lot more creative. 

so why do you blog? 
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before we leave for another awesome possum weekend..i gots to share this crunk jam i've been listening to all week. that's right, time for a little back that azz up friday with lil whitty.
this song is by my boy big sean. i swear yall won't be able to not get crunk to this song. it's just so catchy.
"i done paid taxes, paid dues, paid bills my whole life. so i'm a throw money in the air, like i'm tryin to pay the sky. told myself that man if i can't live like this, i'd rather die. i give it up to God and he always replies."
oh if you are wondering what guap means it's money, dough, or racks on tops of racks. whatevs you'd like to call big face hundreds.
happy weekend, friends!
i'm hoping to go to lowe's this weekend and pick out a few paint samples for my new house. other than that, it should be a pretty chill weekend.
"she chose your dad over you, man. that's like trading an ipod for an 8 track."
[no strings attached]


  1. WOW for places, that's awesome!

    I love my lil blog and it's been fun reading why everyone else blogs :)

  2. Stopping by thanks to the link-up - I love your story! I can't imagine being in charge of all of those projects. Get it girl! A blog sounds like the perfect way to document all that you've done and keep track of it all along the way. It was fun to read your story - thanks for sharing!


  3. Absolutely love your blog--so creative and fun! I love your passion for life! I am excited to follow your blogging adventures :). I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at :) xo-Jess