Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Office Re-Do {The Inspiration}

it all started with a mirror. 
and this particular mirror inspired me to re-do my office. i am very lucky to have such a large office. it came already decorated with furniture and a desk, too. [of course] and although i like these things, i don't love them. 

i want my office to express who i am. 
so when i saw this mirror, i was inspired to spruce up my office...to make my office more me! i knew i could add in new decor around the furniture i already have to give everything a sorta face lift. 
i want to use fresh clean patterns, like the ones on the mirror. 
the mirror will go where this painting is now:
it wasn't until just recently, that my bosses dad & uncle decided i needed a more efficient desk. [mine really is pretty inconvenient] i didn't get to pick it out, but they let me tell them exactly what i need/want and then they found a desk for me. [it's on order] it was very clear that i needed a U shaped desk, instead of having to go back and forth between two desks. [if that makes sense]
it's not this exact desk but it's very similar.
i cannot tell ya'll how excited i am for it to get here and for me to get settled in a new desk. again.
[i wanna frame this quote for my office]
now the next few things are just decor ideas i've thought of to give each little area some color. cause right now it's a lotta brown and beige..not my favorite colors, ya know.
i have a big lamp shade at home, that i'm not using so i am going to get some fun fabric and recover it this weekend. and i'm just gonna keep the stand it's same color. 
i have a smaller shelf but it's just not hanging up right now. and i really need to get some better frames and some updated pictures. like desperately. 
i definitely wanted to keep these chairs. i don't know why but i just really like them. i think a long chevron pillow on each chair will just give em that right pop of color. 
i've been seeing these funky file cabinet revamps all over pinterest and wanna try it!
not only am i getting a new desk but i'm getting some shelves too. 
i have two cork boards that are waaay boring right now. i might take them home this weekend and fix em up! although i might get a little bit bigger one to replace the small one. 
i got this fake plant fo freeeee up here at my work. now, i'm thinking i'm just going to keep the pot i have now but cover it in fabric.
and last but not least i want a zebra print rug. [love this one]

whatchall think? i'm thinkin it's gonna turn out exactly how i envision it. and don't ya'll worry i will be keepin yall updated every step of the way. i got a lot of fun crafts a head of me.
i'm hoping to get the mirror hung up this week, re-fabric a lamp shade, and fix up my cork boards. 
why is decorating so much fun?

well i'm not too busy this week. i have to go to conway this week and deliver more red metal hogs, i have a meeting with a lady today who reps a couple of lines, annnnd i have my grandmommy's birthday lunch at panera. so i'm thinking today will go by pretty fast.
happy tuesday, friends! let's make it a good'un!
"because our society has rules. and one of those rules is you can't kill someone and take their skin! that's not cool."
[the watch]


  1. Sooo cute, I love that mirror and everything you did around it! :D

  2. Love love love all the ideas and inspirations! I hope you post the final reveal!

  3. I loooove your blog! so happy to have found it! I am new to the whole blogging scene. :). xo