Friday, April 19, 2013

I Live Fo Tha Weekend

YELLOW!! tomorrow starts the weekend and today is effing friday! for some reason it decided to get cold here. again. i'm seriously sick of it getting cold. but luckily, i have MAJOR plans this weekend and i have some big and exciting news!
of course i'ma pulla blogger on ya and not tell you what is..........................yet. i will. scout's honor, but i wanna wait it out a little until everything goes accordingly and then, then i will tell yall what's up. i'm really surprised that i haven't told ya'll yet.

today's post is pretty random. just a few things to tell you's before we leave for another glorious weekend. 
the plans i have this weekend are to celebrate one of my besties birthdays. yesterday was my friend, amber's birthday (as well as this girl's birthday) [yep our birthdays are just 1 month apart] so this weekend my friends and i are gonna help her celebrate. 
we are gonna go to brave new restaurant and then maybe willy d's afterwards. i'm sure we'll have lots of fun. and hey as long as my homie is there, i know i'll have a good time. we haven't hung out in a couple of weeks and that needs ta change.

anywhoo, i wanted to share three movies with ya [typical] just in case you're looking for something to watch this weekend. two of them are 2011 movies, but were new for me to see. 
life of pi turned out to be even better than i thought it was gonna movies like that.
i thought they shoulda named it this..but that's just me:
hick is a little disturbing, but SO good. i thought blake lively did amazing. she is such a great actresses. i may or may not be a little obsessed with these two leading ladies:
they are both drop dead gorgeous, and i always like the movies they're in.
lastly, the movie stand off i watched on wednesday night and it intrigued me the whole time, i literally couldn't take my eyes off this movie. oh and i love me a good irish accent.
have you seen any of these movies?

okay, one more thing before i leave fo the weekend.
the conway store.
we have been filling this mug up like cray the past few months. we are still on the lookout for a new spot, but business has started to pick up a little. honestly, i just don't think people know we're down there. naturally, i took pictures before i started moving my stuff in..i cannot tell ya'll how much better it starts to look with each trailer load that's brought down there. i will be doing a full conway post next week but today, i just wanted to give ya a sneak peek. cause, i mean who doesn't love a good sneak peek.?
introducing the conway location:
as you can see in the last before photo there are no customers..and then in the last after photo there's four[two aren't pictured] i can't wait to show off more photos next week. it looks just a trillion times betta.

alrighty, hope ya'll have a marvelous weekend. i have an open house on sunday, so i gotta do a little bit of cleaning tonight. my floors needa good moppin desperately
also, i plan on tackling this movie this weekend:
what are you doing this weekend?
"what are my hands doing? nothing, cause they're ready to defend. under my dress right now, i got a knife, i got a billfold, and i've got like two yards of chain link. my point, guys, is you can't carry chains in those dresses."
[bridesmaids line-o-rama]


  1. Omg I loved Life of Pi!!! I cried when he was hugging Richard parker, so sad and then when he never turned around to say bye, so sad lol, but one awesome story! you should read the book!!! And your title sound so much better :P

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!! Oh and I'm very intrigued about your news!!

    Jen xxx

  2. I want to see Life of Pi so bad! Maybe I'll hit up Redbox!

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    let me know I'll follow back for sure
    New post is up on my blog you should have a look :)

  4. You can tell meeee! Haha have a great weekend! :D

  5. I recently got a bootleg copy of Life of Pi... need to watch it! Did you read the book? I really didn't like it, which is why I'm hesitating on watching the movie. The store is really coming around- looking good! Can't wait for your big news!