Thursday, April 25, 2013

House Update

finally got an outside pic of my new crib! holla! now, i can't wait to show ya'll the inside. 

things are just moving right along. 
i had my inspection on my old house yesterday, and there's a little list of minor issues but nothing major. i'll be sending my maintenance men over there next week to get everything fixed and ready for the second inspection. 
i met with my loan dude this morning and we got everything filled out and he sent it off to processing.
i have also been talking with a couple of different insurance companies to get quotes for my new house. 
my bff came into town yesterday and i drove her and her hubby by to see it. they both loved it and were super impressed with the neighborhood. 
i'll be getting my tax return in soon and i already know it's going towards the new house. [and my computer i have yet to pay off] i want to use it to build some things like:
i really like the drawers in the first picture, and the shelves that are in the second photo.
i have to have something made for my enormous movie library. i like the size of the shelves in the first photo. but in the second photo, i like that the shelves go all the way to the floor. 
the new laundry room isn't as big as my old one. therefore, i need to come up with a better option for piper. i'm really digging this idea. and think it is the best option for the both of us. 
this is a must have. my new art studio is huge so there will definitely be plenty of room for this mug. 
the art studio closet is just blank right now. i will definitely need to come in and build it some shelves. and i have so much gift wrapping supplies, that it needs it's very own spot in this closet.

i am just so excited to get in my new place so i can get started on all these fun projects. 
i wanna go to lowe's this weekend and start picking out some paint. 
i really just can't wrap my head around the fact that by this time next month, i'll be living in my new crib. and guess what? i've already decided to join the 21st century and get the internet. [i'm excited for this big step]
have a beautiful thursday, friends! 
"if you win, you gonna put the money in that hole in your shirt? that's what you gonna do?"
[lottery ticket]


  1. How adorable is your new house?!?! Love the outside charm and the built in vanity! And I think I want a litter cage now for my cat! haha Congrats again! How exciting! Let the projects begin! ;)

  2. your new house is SO cute! i have been thinking of doing built ins as well... if i can just get my dad and hubs on board to build them for me!!

  3. That is such a cute house, congrats! Also I desperately need all of those things too... lol