Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Hump Day

hey hey it's hump day. the week is already been going by fast. and although it's supposed to rain [again] today i've been lovin the weather here lately. anything below 65 is just miz to me. 

well, friends, it's that time again. time for me to show you's my instagrams. 
aka a photo dump. 

i've been suuuuper busy ordering stuff for the stores. so i'm thinking this will be my only post this week. wah wah wah. hey, i am trying. and i do try and post anytime i getta chance. i'm still on the lookout for a new crib..but one day, one day, i'll be a regular blogger. until then you get this spastic one. so deal with it.

alrighty, let's get to those instagrams. do you have instagram?
[that's three underscores]

here are my outfits i've posted over the past few weeks:
purple piko found {here}
striped blazer is from this site but they are sold out. and you can get the necklace {here}
the bomber vest and striped yellow top i got at target a while back.
open back top is found {here}
and spiked shoulder top is from this site but they are sold out but you can get that statement necklace {here}
[well it's clear that i LOVE kiki la'rue]

annnd my work photos:
donation to the nlr boys and girls club.
nasty laundry room floor i scrubbed clean. 
baby onesie i ordered for the stores. 
sequin hog scarves i ordered for the stores.
tervis tumblers we ordered for the stores. we are too crunk about this purchase.
donation to the annual rv event on the arkansas river.
interesting things i found in a rent house. i don't know why but i'm diggin the wall paper and wood paneling.
more donations. story of my life

moving right along, ain't we? this next dump of photos are just life.
bracelet angie sent me for my birthday. [totes wearing it right now]
i got some ice cream over the weekend.
turtle i helped cross the road.
the dessert we had at bunko last month.
"i could settle down. but i can't settle." sooooo true.
tuna fish sammich fixins
mister elliott [my nephew] watching some cartoons.
piper sleeping. 
mister elliott eating some blueberries. 
on sunday, i went on my first bike ride this year. i am terribly outta shape.
chicks and ducks i came across while out running errands. 
"until God opens the next door for you, praise him in the hallway." amen.

wooo wooo. how bout that. i'm telling ya'll i love me some instagram. 
i might try and post again before the end of the week but if not..i'll catch you guys next week.
"um. uh, yeah. can i get everyone's attention, right here, for a second? we're talking bout breaking into a police station. is anyone listening to those words? anybody? popo? five-o. one-time. pigs. people we don't like.
[fast five]

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  1. 1st - love that striped jacket!

    2nd - happy belated birthday!