Monday, April 22, 2013

Exciting News + The Weekend

hey hey hey! so on friday i told ya'll i had some exciting news to share. i didn't tell you's what it was on friday because i wanted to wait for the perfect timing. well, that perfect timing came this weekend. 

this is what happened..
yep i sold and found my new house all in the same month!! what what! i still can't believe it. i just cannot believe that by this time next month i will be living in my new crib bachelorette pad. i'm just so excited, like i can't stand it. 

i'm pretty confident that everything is going to go smoothly and accordingly to plan. and i can't even begin to tell yall how crunk i am to get started on making my new crib my very very own. 
i wish i had a pic of the new house i could post but i don't have one juust yet. i'm telling ya, i have so much inspiration for the new house it ain't even funny. but don't ya worry i will be blogging all about it, every step of the way. 
"instead of trying to analyze the intricacies of the pattern, focus your energy on trusting me and thanking me at all times." this little passage has been my exact prayer. i no longer, am over analyzing why this hasn't happened or focusing my energy on what the future is gonna bring. i have put my total complete trust in God and i cannot even tell you how happier my life has become. i am absolutely so so thankful for my life and i'm finally finally starting to understand God's purpose for me. 
[one of my most favorite quotes right now]

now talk about a freaking faaantastic weekend, am i right. it really was a THE perfect weekend. the weather was nice, i got to go out with my friends, i found some neat things for my new house, and topped it off with a dollar movie with my dad. 
1. friday afternoon was so pretty.
2. had a stoli and sprite after work.
3. my quail that i had for din on saturday night at brave new restaurant.
4. the group that came to dinner for amber's birthday.
5. the retro light fixture i got for twenty bucks at an estate sale.
6. estate sale and flea market finds i got on sunday afternoon.

and of course here's the handful of movies i saw this weekend:
the maska lot like love, and sleepy hallow are all ones i own i've seen before. bonnie and clyde i also own but ironically had never watched it all the way through. i don't know why because i loved it. i really fell in love with bonnie's character. i went and saw a good day to die hard with my dad. we were both glad we only paid a couple of bucks to see it. although i didn't mind getting to stare at this fella the whole 97 minutes. and my favorite outta the bunch would have to be the story of little ole "hushpuppy who lived with her daddy in the bathtub." beasts of the southern wild was nothing like i thought it was gonna be..this movie had me shocked, and sad. definitely made me even more thankful. i swear you'll fall in love with hushpuppy.
what did you do this weekend? see any movies? sell your house?
anyways, i'll hopefully be back this week to show off some photos of the conway store. and i know on friday i will be linking up with this little arkansan to share with ya'll why i blog. 
have a great monday!
"what's that? didn't hear you. your breath is so bad it made my ears numb."
[wreck-it ralph]


  1. awesome, congrats on the new place and selling yours!

  2. Sleep Hollow is one of my all time favs!!! and congrats on the new home!! Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you are going to do with it! :)