Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

[i love easter bunny siblings and i when we were kids and my nephew clearly isn't digging the bunny]

wow. i finally got a chance to post about my easter weekend. i swear monday and tuesday fleeeeww by! but hey i am totes okay with that, cause ya know that just makes the weekend get here faster.

anywhoo, i wanted to tell ya'll what i did for easter this year. 
it basically started off with me frantically looking for an easter dress. i was really wanting to get a mint dress. that way i could carry the mint & skulls clutch i got at target a few weeks ago. so, i go to the mall, right. i had a few things to take back to forever and figured i could just exchange them for a [mint] dress. i go through dillards, and i see the most beautiful mint and gold earrings.. by jessica simpson. but i didn't buy them. i needed the dress first. the main staple. then i could accessorize. 
i found a few dresses at forever 21 but not much. they had tons of mint clothes but i just could not find a mint dress. sadly, i started walking to the dressing room with my finds. that's when i saw it. THE [mint] DRESS!! i found my size and added it to my pile. when  i tried it on it was a dream. i new exactly what shoes to wear and..ANNND i could buy. the. earrings!!! total score. plus i got a few other fun things like a cross necklace and floral blazer. i looove a good successful shoppin trip.
[nail polish: opi mermaid tears]
what you guys think? my brother says it was old school. if you know me at know i loved that compliment. and the earrings were just the perfect touch.
now, here are some pics of my easter. we go to my auntie's after church for lunch every year. my unc and aunt did such a wonderful job with the food and they had some super cute easter decor.
[my aunt is so talented]
okay here's a few of the annual easter pics i took with the fam.
i thought the family group pic turned out pretty good. i might need to frame it for my office.
[and the annual siblings picture]
i think elliott had me beat on 'best dressed'

well, i don't know about ya'll but i had a pretty awesome easter. my little family is growing [a nephew and a sister-in-law] and it just makes these holidays even more special when my siblings and i aren't crying over whose got the most candy. i guess my parents were right...we would end up cherishing each other one day. 
too cheesy? sawry. had to. 
easter sunday started off pretty rainy and wet but it cleared up at the end of the day.
i spent the rest of my afternoon hanging out with piper and napping. [my favs]
[look at piper's belly. this kid likes to eat.]
also i came home to this little surprise:
annnd that was my easter. what did you do? spend it with loved ones?
so glad i was able to post today. i told ya'll i was trying to post more but i just get so busy, ya know. but i did see i have a few new followers. HOLLA! ya'll is awesome. seriously thanks for the follow. 
it's rainy here today. i really need to get started on deep cleaning a rent house but i think i am going to work hardcore in my office today and save that for tomorrow and friday. i gotta get back to quite a few salespeople who probably think i am whack cause i keep putting them off..sheesh i really am sorry i'm so stinkin busy, people.
peace out..lets make this a great wednesday.
"i can never lay a hand on this dude because of my personal relationship with God, but i know two guys about four stops from here who'll come and threaten to saw his feet off for $900."
[lay the favorite]


  1. LOVE the mint dress! The collar is just precious!

  2. The wreath she made is gorgeous!! And you did a great job on the Easter dress. So adorable on you :)

  3. i LOOOOVE just about anything mint. you're so cute!!

  4. Happy Easter! He looks so cute in his little outfit! :D