Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few Topics

and i am so glad it stopped raining. can i get an amen? anybody? okay. 

i don't have huge plans for the weekend. i'm going to try not to spend any money this weekend. but i doubt i'll achieve that. i'm officially on a fo real spending freeze. i know i say that like every week, but this is for reals. it's been four days this month and i haven't spent money once..well i actually paid back my mom some moneys i owed her but other than that and bills i haven't spent a dime in four days. and that's whats up.

let's get started with a few blog topics that have been on my mind...aka my list

movies...we already know i watch a lot of movies. and let me just say i've seent a lot of movies over the past few months. so i thought today would be a good day to tell you the ones i LOVED, kinda liked, hated, and a few that i feel embarrassed to claim i watched.
the following six i absolutely loved. 
yall bachelorette is my new favorite movie of all time. seriously it has definitely made my top five. and wreck it ralph is so creative. you've done it again, disney. 
these next four i also loved:
anna karenina is sorta a morbid story but all the acting is so good.
the next six i liked okay..i was actually a little disappointed but they are all still good.
i thought the man with the iron fists was going to be super dumb but it wasn't. i was definitely surprised.
these next four just didn't really leave an impression. i can't even really remember watching them cause they were a little boring..
marisa tomei is a slut cray cray in the wrestler.
these four i hated...and wouldn't suggest them to anybody..
taken 2 was a waste of film.
and the next three were just weird. and i really was a little creeped out at myself for watching them.
if you're a big matthew mcconaughey fan, you won't be after watching the paperboy...
okay those were the movies. it feels good to get these off my "blog topics list." 
next topic...
mug o' comfort blog swap...i signed up for this over at chaotic goddess swaps. i'm pretty excited to find out who i've been paired with..have you signed up? angie and beth are the ladies behind the swap. i love getting in on their blog swaps, cause i usually end up making a new friend or two. and those are the best. 

facebook...i don't have one. blasphemy, right. i used to have a facebook but i got tired of it. there was lots of negative stuff going on when i decided to leave [two years ago] and i honestly, haven't looked back. one of my friends just thought it was crazy that i didn't have one. and i have people ask me all the time to like their facebook page and i'm like i can't cause i don't have one..and then they give me weird looks. it's funny to me.
[my form of social media]'s two stories that i thought were pretty hilarious. there's a site called sh*t my kids ruined and it has stories from parents about well..shit their kids ruined. these two had me laughing. hard. like with tears cause i could totally have seen myself doing them as a kid. and getting caught..

well okay. that was today's post. aren't ya'll so proud of me for posting twice this week. making progress. i'm kidding obvi but i definitely am trying. today, i will be out of the office cleaning rent houses with my cleaning crew. we haven't been the ones chosen to clean houses lately so i'm kinda ready to get back to the cleaning game. it just makes my mind rest easy when i know the house has been cleaned by moi! sounds like something my momma would say.. so happy friday. let's make it a good one. and an even better weekend!!
"you think your haircut's cool? it's not. it looks like you put your justin bieber wig on backwards."
[this is 40]


  1. Thanks for sharing those movies with us....I'm renting Anna Karenina next week, so I'm excited for it. :)
    I just saw Seeking A Friend For the End of the World and loved it...

    And YAY for swaps! I'm so glad you're joining us for the Mug O' Comfort swap! :D

  2. Thanks for joining! We're excited to have you!

    And I haven't seen so many of those movies, I really need to! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really need to get on seeing Bachelorette already and Wreck It Ralph is awesome..loved it! I think its totally great we share a love for some good flicks :)