Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turning Twenty Five

hello. i'm baaaaack! taking a little blogging break was much needed. i have so much to post about in the next few weeks. bye bye writer's block! anyways, as some of you's know, i took a little mini vacay from work to celebrate my birthday. it was so nice to get away for a little bit..even though i'm now slammed here at work.

today, i wanted to do a little recap of those five amaaazing days that i had off work.
in my last post i told ya'll that two girls [kasey and amanda] i work with brought me some cake and goodies. well, that cake is exactly how i started my vacay. [ya can't go wrong with chocolate cake.]
i loved getting to sleep in for five days. talk about my idea of a vacay: sleepin is it.
friday turned out to be such a beautiful day outside. where that weather is at now? shit i don't know but i am so tired of this cold gnarly weather. hurry up spring! where is you? anyways, i had to get out of the house on friday and enjoy some of them sun rays. so i went to the mall. when i really shouldn't have...
i've decided to take the basic white tee and red blazer back and exchange them for an easter dress but everything else is sitting in my hamper hanging in my closet.
the rest of the day i just chilled, with my windows open in my bedroom.
talk about a good day off, right there.

saturday was another beautiful day.
i wish i could tell you guys that i got outta the house and did something crazy eventful but that would be a huge fat lie. all i did on saturday was sleep and watch movies. i did drive around for a little while looking at houses. there are so many coming up for sale now. i haven't had any takers on mines just yet but hey i really don't want to move with the weather behaving the way it has. i'm hoping to start doing some more looking here in the next few months. when the weather is a lot warmer.
 i'm a little angry at myself for not taking more pics. i will say i was hugely disappointed with my first birthday dinner. for one thing the service at the restaurant was THE worst service i have ever had. so bad that i thought about downloading the restaurant app just to leave a really bad review. luckily my girls and i complained enough that we got a discount..off of our tax. you besta believe i didn't leave a tip. we went out to my favorite place [willy d's] and although i danced by myself all night, i ended up having a really good time with my best girl friends. and hey the hooked me up with a gift card to one of my favorite sites.

i will say my actual birthday dinner on monday night went a hella lot better than saturday's.
1. collage that stormi made and sent me.
2. outfit i wore to my birthday dinner at crazy hibachi.
3. cookie cake and presents after dinner.
4. birthday cake we had for all the march birthdays here at work.
5. my family [minus my bro-in-law] and me at my bday dinner.
6. all the goodies i got for my birthday.
[birthday texts]

all in all it was a pretty zantastic birthday.
and i'm looking forward to enjoying seventy five more..[hope i live that long]

i'm gonna try to get back into a blogging routine these next few weeks.
i know ya'll totes missed me, riiight? [it's ok if you didn't]
okay, i got lots to do this week, i got so many vacant rent houses right now it ain't even funny. the conway store is still a going..just not as well as we would like..we're actually looking thinking of finding a new spot in conway with some more traffic. still up in the air but i'm really hoping we find a new spot soon.
well happy tuesday!
"just a shrug? that's a body lie. that's like lying with my shoulders."
[knocked up]


  1. Sooo glad you had a great birthday!

  2. What a great birthday girly!! your F21 finds are so adorable...welcome to 25! :)