Monday, March 11, 2013

This Weekend I Got Crafty

hey folks! i have a short week this week cause i'm taking a mini vacay starting this friday. see, my birthday is next monday, so i wanted to take a few days off work to kinda celebrate.

i'm not too busy this week. i just keep telling myself..four days. that's all i gotta get through is the next four days. then i'm FREE! i mean, not having any huge work responsibilities for five days is going to be SO niiiiice. i decided to take off this friday, next monday [my birthday] and tuesday..i am lovin this idea. i literally can't wait! now i just gotta get through the next four days. luckily, i have lots of [donations] gift baskets to make, we just closed on another rent house so i gots to get it all set up, and have several buying meetings [for the stores] this week. so i'm thinkin the week might go by fast. 

well, it's that time again. time for me to tell you's what i did this weekend. i got lots of projects done and watched lots of movies. it was a nice relaxing myself. sometimes it's nice just spend a little alone time with just me. 

friday night i got chinese food right after work. and then i watched these two movies:
ironically, this was my first time seeing runaway bride. [say what?!] and the movie, "fast girls" i absolutely loved every second of it. the ending race's music was perfect and i may or may not have cried. 

saturday. oh glorious, glorious saturday. seriously, this little day is my absolute favorite. i woke up around eight and immediately got busy cleaning and picking up. i had people coming to look at my house at 3:30. and although my house wasn't dirty, it definitely needed a good vacuuming. 
after cleaning, [lots] i decided to spruce up my thermostat. it was a sight for sore eyes fo sho. me and this little booger have gotten into so many fights. unfortunately, my thermostat needs new batteries every month. and changing said batteries is like trying to parallel park with a trailer. not easy. so this guy has caused scratches on the wall and it's barely still stuck on the wall from all the jiggling it takes to change the batteries. needless to say it looked like shit. and i needed to change that.
   so i did. i had found that frame last week at hobby lobby for like 3 bucks, and i already had the leopard print scrapbook paper. [you can get it at hobby lobby for fifty cents]
supplies: frame, scrapbook paper, scissors, pencil, tape, and a trusty pocket knife.
step one: trace your frame on your scrapbook paper and cut it out.
step two: trace your thermostat onto your already cut piece of scrapbook paper and use your pocketknife [yep mines is a marilyn monroe pocketknife..ballin] to cut out the scrapbook frame.
step three: tape scrapbook frame around your thermostat. [i just taped the corners] 
step four: hang your frame and take a photo. 
what do you guys think? it looks so much better, right?!

next, i wanted to re-decorate my dresser. it had gotten a little on the junky side and i just couldn't have that anymore. i had so many framed pictures, that i was tired of them getting in the way. i also have a mannequin, covered in a pretty zebra print fabric that i had lots of different buttons all over it, and i was tired of it, too. 
i cleared off the mannequin and took all the pictures outta their frames.
and this is what i came up with:
i cannot tell yall how much i loves it. not only is everything way more clean and organized...i can still display all of my photos. and honestly, it looks a little more grown up. [cause i am such an adult..riiight]

i still got lots more to show you. i was feeling crafty on saturday.
last week, when i bought the white frame i used for my thermostat, i also found a big chunky bowl that i had to have...and i knew exactly what i wanted to use it for. 
these products stay out on my counter and i'm knocking them off all the time. this bowl keeps them altogether, and once again, doesn't make it look so junky. 

three o clock rolled around and i had to get outta the house so the people could come look at it. i wanted to ride my bike since it felt AMAZING outside. [the weather was 72] but both my tires were flat. so i headed to walmart to get a bicycle pump. that way the next time i want to ride, i won't have an excuse not to. at walmart, i got a pump and some other things. 
i left there and went and treated myself to a mani and pedi:
[totes diggin the purple]
i got back home with fresh toes and fingers. i swear getting a pedicure is so relaxing. 
i was still feeling crafty when i got home. at walmart, i picked up a utensil holder because mine utensils looked like this:
a drawer like that can drive anyone mad. 
so the utensil holder was much needed and really made everything a million times more organized.
i can actually find things in that drawer now and my cooking utensils are much more accessible. 
to end my craftastic saturday i made this dankalicious treat:
i hoping to post the recipe this week. i took some to my parents and they gave it two thumbs up!
i ended the night with this movie:
so. good. stay with it cause it is a little hard to follow, but it's pretty entertaining. oh and it has kevin durand in it so you know it's a good'un.
needless to say, saturday, was one fun day. and i was busy all day so i guess that's why i didn't do ANYTHING on sunday but watch movies. [go figure]
i loved this weekend. it was so much fun. i really wish it would hurry up and get warm and STAY WARM. it's back to 52 today and i'm sick of it. i am a hella a lot more productive when it's bright and sunny. plus i'm ready to wear tank tops and put my northface in the hall closet.
and you besta believe i'm hoping for warmer weather on my mini vacay.
what did you do this weekend? get into some fun stuff?
i'll be back one more time this week with the smores casserole recipe. it will be nice to take a little vacay away from the blog as well. 
yippee monday is almost over.
"so think about this. what happens when you make something illegal that's just a natural part of the world? you may as well make flies illegal. or sweat. or monday morning."
[the tale of desperaux]


  1. i LOVE your little thermostat! mine is like a sore smack dab in the middle of my wall so i think i'll embrace it and add it into the decor. great idea!

  2. The only thing I got into this weekend was a box of tissues and some blankets. I was sick all weekend! Ugh!
    Love all your crafts! I definitely have a hot mess drawer that looks exactly like yours! Need to organize it! And first time seeing Runaway Bride?!? Gaaaaah! That's one of the first movies I ever owned, but I'm also a huge Julia Roberts fan- glad you enjoyed it!

    Now, pass over some smores casserole this way please!