Monday, March 4, 2013

The Weekend I Wore Plaid

welcome back from the weekend. 
i don't know about you but mine weekend went by entirely too fast. i had said on friday, that i had plans to work on a project, see the high school's spring musical, and do some cleaning. um yeeeah. about that...none of that happened. what can i say, i can be pretty lazy on the weekends. let me just state, that it was COLD this weekend. and i just didn't feel like sanding anything with the wind we had. 
i mean is it spring yet?

anywhoo. here's a little look into what i did this weekend.
nothing special. but it was still an awesome weekend. [i never have bad ones]

my mommy washed and ironed the shirt i wore on friday. 
we got in lots of new shirts for the stores
did some grocery shopping. i had to restock my "fruity" water.
watched "get rich or die tryin" before going to bed. i hadn't seen this one. i thought it was pretty entertaining. and terrence howard is a fantastic actor.

the majority of saturday was spent sleeping and watching movies with piper.
wore another plaid shirt to dinner at chili's and drinks at willy d's with cameron. 
i was proposed to by an accountant in town from washington dc..he was here auditing some big law firm. who could say no to that gorgeous ring? i also had two gentleman request for my phone number. one was a foreigner here in little rock with cirque du soleil [not lying about this] they've been doing performances at verizon arena since last week. and the other fella was some guy that "swore he knew me from somewhere."
unfortunately neither of them got my digits. 

sunday was spent being lazy and watching these movies. 
the third lord of the rings is a "best picture film" [one of my goals this year] so i wanna watch the first two before i watch the third. duh. the factory was good and i liked it..all the way to the end. the end sucked. and chasing mavericks is a little on the boring side. 
i also worked on some laundry. [story of my life] and just relaxed. 
i figure, hey, i'm so productive during the week that there ain't nothing wrong with being lazy on the weekend. 
what did you do this weekend.

linking up {here} again this week to share what shenans i got into this weekend. 
happy monday, party people...i sure hope it goes by fast!
"yeah, give me another handshake. wow! man, look at those mitts! it's like grabbing a bunch of bananas."
[shallow hal]

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  1. New follower!

    I hate when movies are good and then they end crappy. Always a big let down. And Im loving all the plaid!