Friday, March 29, 2013

My Best Friend is Pregnant

yep, that's right. my be eff eff is pregnant, yall! she's 19 weeks today. and her and her hubby are going to have a precious little girl, too.
i am just so happy for them. and although ava won't technically be my niece i will definitely be claiming her. this last weekend, stormi's [bff] mama threw a baby shower for the whole family. and i got an invite [of course] 

i headed down to hot springs bright and early on saturday morning. i was so excited to see storm and see that belly! the shower was at 2 and we stayed until close to 5. they did so good throwing the shower and there was lots and lots of yummy food. i should have taken more pictures [story of my life] cause stormi didn't get any of her opening presents. but here are a few pics i did take..
 the invitation and the presents i got for miss ava.
isn't that cake just as cute as can be? and it was pretty tasty, too. i should have gotten a photo of the candy buffet, it was a really cute idea.
they got so many great gifts, and ava's nursery is slowly but surely coming together. they will be getting rid of their guest bedroom furniture and replacing it with new baby furniture. how exciting.
i got to hang out with these two after the shower. we went and got mexican and played a game called sequence. we found it when we were going through all the presents from the shower. it's wild that it got gathered up with the bunch. so we had to play it. and it was fun. have you played before?
it was such a fun weekend, even though it rained allllll weekend. please, go away rain! we are sick of you. i am just so excited for my best friend. i know she is going to be a great mommy!

wooo. so it's alllllllmost the weekend. and i gots a busy day ahead of me. i'm going to conway with my girl, beth so we can scout out some better store spots. we are just not diggin where we are at and we need to change that asap. plus we have a meeting with the three little employees we have..soooo it's off to conway and then it's the freakin weekend, baby! do you have big plans for easter? i still have to go get a dress!!! yep last minute, as usual. i'll be hanging out with the big ole fam on sunday afternoon at my auntie's crib. but other than that, no big plans. just gonna take it easy.
"you know, this is perfect. this is just perfect. you couldn't have been hiding tranny porn in the crawl space, like susie brent's husband. no, no, no, no. you had to be a spy. i can't believe i married a spy."


  1. Aw, congrats to your BFF! My old high school BFF just found out she's preggers, but she lives in Florida now so I can't really be around for it lol

  2. That's so exciting!! I have a niece coming in August and it's taken over my life :) where are you in la Natural State?

  3. See...I told you being an Aunt is fantastic!!

  4. Awww so cute! And that cake is awesome! One of my bff's is having a baby in May, and I'm throwing the shower later this month- it's a surprise! I'm a lil nervous about planning it- love the idea of a candy buffet though!