Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Videos

happy first of march. the countdown to my 25th birthday can officially start. [18 days left]
well, i didn't think i was going to have time to post today. but looky looky i do have time! so i wanted to show off some fun videos today. that is if my computer can handle it. i swear it's been sooooo slooooow. i mean, heaven forbid, i have five programs going at once. piece of shit anyways, videos. i just have some from my phone, a few from youtube, and my newest commercial. i know ya'll are just dying to see me talk about some razorback stuff. [yea riight]

first one...THIS is a very special one. 
here he nephew's [elliott] first time walking.

video number two..this is from when i went to the dallas market. there was this guy walking around playing an electronic violin. all of the sound you hear, he's making. it was pretty neat.

the third video is of little miss piper. this little cat, is my homegirl. i literally love this girl to death. she makes me so happy and she is absolutely presh when making her bed for the night.

and a few youtube videos for your viewing pleasure.
[i kinda hate using the word "pleasure"]
i just find this hilarious character to be odd, strange, and weird. i couldn't help but watch all of her videos.
p.s. that's melissa mccarthy

THIS SONG is my JAAAM! i listen to it every morning on the way to work. [sometimes on repeat]
"they had a broken keyboard. i bought a broken keyboard. i bought a skeet blanket and then i bought a knee board " these lyrics have been in my head all. day. long.

okay last one, i swear. third t.v. commercial: the basketball edition.
[super cheesy or what?]

okay, that was fun. so glad my computer showed some good behavior or i mighta pulled an "office space" and put that big field, that's right outside my office, to some good use.

so folks ya'll got big plans for the weekend?
i don't have too much going on. i have a little furniture project i hope to get started on. i think i'm gonna see my storm storm this weekend. she wants to come up to little rock to get some maternity clothes from target. since they don't have one in hot springs. [i still think it is so weird when towns don't have targets] and then my homegirl cameron and i have decided to go see the high school's spring musical on saturday. and then probably hang out with stoli afterwards.
and ya'll i have got to do some house cleaning.

and before i go i have to suggest some movies for you's guys to watch over the weekend:
if ya can't decide, i suggest "step up revolution" outta the five. there's an all girl dance at the end that is BAD. ASS.
to all my newest followers out there..welcome to my blog. and everyone else..thanks for all the comments, yesterday. ya'll totes made my day! yall is the best.
well, happy friday. i'm really hoping it's a pretty weekend.
"i've gone through so many blueprints, i can taste the ink in my fingers."
[ocean's thirteen]

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  1. I love Thrift Shop! I am constantly referencing! Also i know what you mean about an over busy weekend!