Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day and A Cute Little Re-Model

yep, i'm not one of those valentine's day haters like a lot of single peeps tend to be. i could care less about that romance lovey-dovey crap. although i do love myself a good rom com. [typical] i don't care that valentine's day is "over-commercialized." i don't care that i don't have that "special someone." i like to use this day to remind myself of all the love i do have in my life. 

i know i should remember that everyday but just like thanksgiving sometimes you just need to dedicate a day to remind ya. do you celebrate valentine's day?

i've already gotten some treats from a few of my loved ones. 
like allll these treats:
i made my special brownies [brownies with cookies and cream chocolate bars] and brought them up here to work this morning. [they were gone in less than an hour] i also made some to pass out to my family.
ya'll they are the. bomb. and super easy.

tonight my valentine's plans consist of:
-pass out treat bags to my favorites.
-treat myself to a fajita taco salad.
-curl up in my pj's with piper and watch this movie:
what are your valentine's day plans?
before i leave ya. i did wanna go ahead and show off a new house we just got done remodeling. i thought it turned out to be such a lovely little home. and the girl that moved in loves it. 
we tore down a wall, gave it all new floors, new coats of paint, and hooked it up with some new appliances.
low in behold..before and after pictures: [i'm totes obsessed with before and after photos] 
 i know the after pic doesn't look much different. the door and house have been painted but unfortunately whoever did the yard work is slacking...
unfortunately i didn't have a before pic of the den but you'll see more of it in the next group of pics.
 we tore a wall down, tiled the floor, added a laundry room, painted, and added appliances.
doesn't it look 10 jillion times better?
&& doesn't the laminate floors look way better than that old dingy carpet?
now onto the bedrooms:
and the bathroom:
and on to the backyard...
not much changed here. we just got rid of the smallest storage shed.
and the back of the house. [digging the dark colored doors]
i don't know bout yall but i thought this one turned out to be a one pretty little house.
[course i might be biased] 
what you think? ya like?
okay i gotta dip out. thought i would have some conway pictures for you this week but i got so many vacant houses right now my head is spinning. sooooooo that'll just have to wait. 
hope every one of you's have a delightful valentine's day and a beautiful weekend!
peace out lovebugs.
"dad, if you're still holding a grudge because i wore crocs to mom's i've told you a thousand times, i'm sorry. mom would've wanted it that way. she was casual."
[the campaign]

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