Monday, February 18, 2013

This Weekend I...

it's monday. and i don't know bout ya'll but i'm having a case of em today. i'm up to my ears in voicemails [that i have yet to check] my email's inbox is outta control and i literally sat on hold with the electric company for 37 minutes before i realized duh, dumbass they're closed for president's day.
i have a meetings all week to buy more stuff for the [razorback] stores. and i can already tell that this week is going to be busy. but i mean what else is knew?

i did wanna go head and share a few snip its from my weekend. ohhhh the glorious weekend. i didn't do much. slept mostly [my favorite] went shopping [my absolutely favorite] and watched lots of movies 
what did you do this weekend?
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after work, i was tired. and all i could really think of was getting home to my pjs. [and going braless] first stop though i had to get my movie fix. i rented and watched these two movies:
i liked "deadfall" the best outta the two. but who doesn't love olivia wilde. 
i passed out at 8 o clock. 
which meant i didn't do much sleeping in on saturday..shucks.

i had folks coming to look at my house at 3:30 so i spent most of my morning cleaning and picking up all my mounds and mounds of dirty laundry. right around three i left the crib and went to target. i needed to waste an hour and what better spot to do so than at tarjay. plus my momma had given me a gift card for vday that i was just itching to use. 
these are just a few of the things i purchased. i also got a new tank top, although i don't think it's going to get worn anytime soon.

i got home from target and immediately took a shower. i had plans to eat at flying fish with cameron. 
i had frog legs. [typical] and cam had the oyster salad. unfortunately the only two seats left in the entire restaurant was right by the door. so needless to say, we frrrrrrooooze are little asses off. and had plans to meet up with our other friends at willy d's...but unfortunately after sitting in the north pole for and hour we were just too cold. so we skipped the d's and went to the mall theater to see this movie:
 it was funny. but it wasn't hilarious. i swear i have not seen like a real funny movie in a good minute.
where are all the funny movies at? 

i slept in till 9. and basically hung out in my pjs with this girl all day.
and watched these movies...
basically i was lazy. i didn't touch the pile of dishes in my sink, i didn't even come close to doing any of the weeks and weeks of laundry that have accumulated in my hamper, and i definitely didn't change outta my pjs all damn day. 
annnnnd that's what my weekend looked like. 
what did you do?

i'm hoping to do more posts this week..but honestly, guys, i wouldn't be surprised if this one is the only one i have time for. i'm still working my little hooves off getting the new conway location filled to the brim with razorback goodies. they have been having waaay better sales...but they're saturdays just haven't been doing great..and someone's gotta change that. 
okay..happy monday! hoping this storm passes soon..i hate driving in the rain. 
"weight gain. please. yeah. right. me lose control? you see these eyes? you know what that is? focus. that's right. well, it's contacts--and focus."
[bride wars]

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