Thursday, February 28, 2013

Outfit Inspiration, Thanks to Pinterest

i don't know bout yall but i love me some pinterest. i get so much inspiration from this wonderful little site. 
liiiiike outfit inspiration

some weeks back, i was pinning away [late at night] when i came across THIS PIN:
[pinned off of this site]
 aren't those leggings rockin? like i knew i needed a pair, pronto!
i was determined to re-create this outfit. i already had the beanie, black cardy, and boots..all i needed was a red scarf and THE LEGGINGS.

i waited though and didn't buy either until i came back from the dallas market. at market, patterned leggings were everywhere. i had to, had to have me a pair of these cuuute patterned leggings. 
so i went on the search to complete this outfit:
i decided to cut out the snowflake nails, jewelry, and purse. knock out that weird poncho. and since my hair hasn't reached my shoulders in bout three years, i ignored the hair. my main goal was just stick to the basics. 
i gave yall an instagram sneak peek of THE leggings on saturday night.

and here's my version:
cardigan-similar -- scarf-amazon -- boyfriend tee-target -- leggings-amazon -- boots-uggs
my beanie is vintage. it belonged to my mamaw.
well, well what do you think? it's pretty clear that i love me some
i had so much fun finding the pieces to re-create this look. now to decide which outfit to re-create next? 

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i'm linking up today's pinterest-inspired post with these two chicas:
katie and stephanie for saw it, pinned it, did it! [don'tcha just love a good linkup] 
so you gonna hop over to amazon and get ya a pair of patterned leggings? i mean for fifteen bucks you can't really pass em up. PLUS they are fleece-lined. yep. fleeeeece-liiiined. so basically they're pajamas. and who's gonna pass up wearing pj's to work? i'll pick my leggings over jeans any day.

welp i'm not too busy this thursday. i have a small trade show to go to today at verizon arena. they're showing collegiate baby clothes..and i already know we'll see some fun stuff for the stores. it'll be nice to get outta the office, too. what are you doing today?
i'm hoping to be back tomorrow to show off some videos. 
so happy thursday, comrades!
 "and the sockappellas, once again proving that it doesn't get better for everyone after high school."
[pitch perfect] 


  1. Those leggings are so cute! Great job re-creating the look!

  2. You rocked it! I am BEYOND obsessed with fair aisle anything. I change my sheets to flannel fair isle ones for the month if December and it is the happiest time of the whole damn year haha. I have grey leggings just like yours but I always feel so silly wearing them out in public.

  3. I LOVE your outfit... I've been looking for a pair of leggings like those but could never snag a pair. Now, it's too close to spring - I'm so over winter clothes! SO OVER THEM!

  4. Super cute outfit! And fleeced line leggings? Never heard of that, but sounds perfect for winter!

  5. Stylish AND comfy- my kinda outfit! You look great! And I agree, fleece lined leggings are awesome!

    I left you an award on my blog!

  6. your outfit is so cute!! and thank goodness for pinterest. before pin i had to write down the website address of something i found really cute and then try and remember where i found it later and now i just pin and it is there when i log in!