Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Love Hair Cuts

guess what i'm doing around three o clock today? 


i cannot tell ya'll how excited i am. this girl is loooong over due for a hair cut and color. i love my short hair and i wanna continue to wear it this way buuut i need something different. so i text my sissy to schedule an appointment. i'm leaving here around 2:45 and takin the rest of the day off. 
i have decided on the cut..but there's um just so many different styles out there..ya girl is having a hard time decidin.

this is the cut i would like..just a little shorter in length.
i haven't quite decided on the color just yet but i do like the following three:
i just can't decide, ya know. 
either way i'm sure whatevs my sis does, i'll love it. 
which one would you choose?

i wanted to share one last thing. i've been sharing lots about my career choices the last couple of weeks here on my blog. i'm so back and forth all the time on "what i wanna be when i grow up." i have been struggling with this over the past few months. i wrote in this post that i was confused and my thoughts were all over the place. i have been praying about this and thinking about it constantly. 
what do i do? do i stop helping with store stuff? am i supposed to be a landlord for the rest of my life? when will i be able to afford and have time to go to real estate and decorating school? 
tellin yall..questions and no answers.

until...kori posted this on her instagram.
my very clear answer to all my worries and prayers.
i cannot tell you guys how happy i became reading this. i continue to read it everyday, as i constant reminder that he holds my plan. this. right here. right now.. is where i'm supposed to be. 
i know God wanted me to find this on instagram..he gave me my answer, how he knew i would understand.

whew. so no more complaining about my job on here anymore. i mean there will still be days where i want nothing but to crawl into my bed than go on the news work at the stores or deal with an upset tenant. but i know now that i'm supposed to deal with those things. they're my plan. 

i am still gonna go to real estate and decorating school cause i mean why not? it's okay to have multiple skills. 
also, some house news. my house is still up for sale. do you wanna buy it? but as far as finding a new house for such luck. honestly, i haven't really had the time. but i need to get on it cause i've shown my house five times already. i told ya'll lots of posts back [can't find that post now to save my life] that i had found a house in sherwood that i thought was the house..but i backed out on it, cause i've OFFICIALLY decided that i wanna stay in good ole dogtown north little rock. i love my city and can't imagine living anywhere else..except for hot springs hmm now if only i could find the time to actually go out and look. 

okay folks..i getta leave work early today for my  hair appointment. yes!
happy hump day.
"when you see something like that, it's like God is looking right at you, just for a second, and if you're careful, you can look right back. and you"
[american beauty]

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  1. Go with color three!!

    And girl, hang in there. Sounds like you've gained just the perspective you hold on tight & keep on praying!