Monday, February 4, 2013

Accomplishing Goals

whew. the past week has been a whirlwind. 
just when i thought i wanted to give the stores up, we add a new store and i'm filled with inspiration all over again. so, is this what i'm supposed to do? it's like, what IS a girl to do? i mean sometimes i loathe having to do anything with the retail stores and then there's days when i just absolutely love what i do. 
i guess any job is going to have it's up and downs. and not everyday is going to go smoothly. and i should be pretty blessed that i get to do what i do. every job has it's slow days. but i still wanna get out there and do my own thing..i just gotta take it one day at a time. 
i have an even busier week ahead of me. [follow me on instagram to kee up j___jenkins] i'm talking meetings out the wazzoo and a razorback foundation event that we sell stuff at every year. plus we are still trying to get the conway store filled with more razorback goodies. 
so, today, i wanted to post my goals. i want to do a post once a month that's dedicated to my yearly and monthly resolutions. plus list my new monthly goals. 
january 2013 monthly goals: [i marked through the one's i accomplished]
1. save $500
2. clean laundry room
3. take clothes to the dorcas house.
4. watch 15 movies off the best picture list
5. don't buy any clothes
hey to accomplish 4 outta 5 is pretty damn good, i think. 

now on to those best picture movies. i just wanted to list them in the order i watched em and then just give a few comments of my own. [my comments are in red]
1. the schindler's list [1993] i bawled my eyes out. this one was my favorite. 
2. the hurt locker [2009] jeremy renner was the only good part of this movie.
3. rocky [1976] so boring. i could barely make it through the whole movie.
4.the departed [2006] a favorite.
5. million dollar baby [2004] saw this one in the theater. i cried then, too.
6. platoon [1986] also boring. it was kinda cool seeing charlie sheen, kevin dillon, forest whitaker, johnny depp, and willem dafoe  act in their 20s and early 30s.
7. american beauty [1999] such a weird movie.
8. no country for old men [2007] not exactly as good as i thought heard it was.
9. slum dog millionaire [2008] a favorite. such a raw and emotional story.
10. crash [2005] definitely not a film you can watch over and over again.
11. silence of the lambs [1991] was not looking forward to watching this one, since it's creepy and gross. and i think it's weird that it won best picture.
12. forrest gump [1994] it was nice to watch a sorta comedy after all the drama films. such a fun movie to watch with your family..or maybe your history class.
13. my fair lady [1964] such a slow movie. but with pretty songs and costumes.
14. mrs. miniver [1942] she's a clever lady. and i actually really enjoyed this film.
15. the king's speech [2010] this is one of my favorite movies. i will suggest it in a heart beat. 
wow. whata accomplishment right there. i really didn't think i was going to be able to meet this goal but i pushed through and finished the last film on the thirty first at 11 o clock. 
sorry if i completely bored the crap outta you but i wanna be able to look back after watching all eighty four films. yes that's right 84. and now i have 69 left to watch. i think i got this one in the bag.
read my top ten resolutions for 2013 HERE.
and what i'm doing this year is making monthly goals each month that will help me reach the long-term goals. it's be very helpful so far and i'm actually really proud of myself for not being so freaking lazy.
are you reaching your goals?
now to make this month's monthly goals:
[i made seven this month]
1. donate clothes to the dorcas house.
2. look for a bible study and sign up!
3. save $300 
4. watch ten movies from the best picture list.
5. make three different projects
6. mop my floors [i never do this]
7. get the jeep's oil changed and tires rotated. 
i like the idea of making at least one cleaning goal a month. 

anyways, sorry for boring yall to death..if you are in fact still reading, that is. 
i have some errands i gotta run. wish it was sunny outside instead of raining. 
happy monday! [i'm hoping for a fast week]
"i said band-aids, not birdcage, you dummy. we don't even have a bird."
[the fields]

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