Monday, February 25, 2013

A Productive Weekend For A Sick Person

it's monday again, folks. and surprisingly i had a pretty productive weekend considering i was sick.
i know you're dying to know what i did...sooooo let ya girl show ya.

friday night was nothing special. 
i went to bed at eight thirty. which isn't surprising, since that's what time i went to bed last friday night, too.
but when you're sick, you're sick. and going out in the cold plus gettin outta my pjs..just was not on my agenda friday night. 

saturday i spent most of the day hanging out with these two:
oh and i stayed in my bed for the majority of the day.
but after awhile, i needed to get up and do something. so i decided to pull out the cakepop bakery i got for christmas last year and experiment with it.
-i had a lot of fun making the cakepops. and they were super easy to make-
-fleece lined leggings i wore on saturday-
-i got to see mr. elliott when i went to my mom's for dinner-

sunday consisted of another day of just laying around and being sick. yuck. i am so ready to kick this sickness' butt. [i do feel much better today] i watched these all day on sunday:
it's just a coincidence that both movies starred catherine zeta jones
i totally broke my "spending freeze" for that turquoise necklace. [i had to!] and that little boy got hims a big boy haircut. how cute is he?
i spent a good part of the day doing laundry and cleaning house for the new week before heading to my parent's house to watch the OSCARS!
i honestly didn't think seth macfarlane did that bad of job. and i thought there were several well dressed celebs on that beautiful red carpet. 
these three were my favorites: [dress, hair, makeup..everything]
who was your favorite?
i loved adele's skyfall performance. ooh it was on point.
and i think it's pretty ironic funny that the movie i suggested on friday for ya'll to check out this weekend, won best picture. what can i say, i got talent. and it was well deserved. go ben!
and lastly..i really really want to see these three films now:
did you enjoy the oscars this year?

well i have a pretty awesome post planned for thursday. i'll be posting about two of my favorite things:
clothes and inspiration.
linking up here again this week. join us so i can see what you did this weekend, too!
happy week, friends!
"well that's what you get for going out drinking. maybe one day your learn how to stay at home and drink, like me."
[that 70's show]


  1. That torquoise necklace is so pretty!

  2. I love your new necklaces!! :)

  3. I really want to see those movies too, and I can't believe I haven't! I still haven't seen Argo... I think I'd only seen one of the nominees and that was Django lol!

    I still love your tights!