Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Dallas Market

well, ya'll, i am back from dallas and feeling more inspired than ever. 
i am so thankful that i got to go on this trip. coming back from it has given me the push to get out there and start something different. i really wanna sell my crafts and re-purpose furniture..so i'm taking this day to move forward with that plan. yes, i'll still be gameday's primary buyer. and yes, i'll still help take care of my family's rental properties. and again, yes, i'll still be saving my money towards decorating courses and real estate school...BUT i can do all of this and still sell my crafts on the side, right?? 
i'm just going to keep this verse in mind:
so..guess what??
i bought a new computer. 
i'm stoked. i cannot wait for it to come in. it should be here soon. 
i had saved up some money...the exact amount of money i wanted to save up this month. and yea i had intended for it to go towards my house or my classes but i really needed a computer. i have one but it's basically a dinosaur. [might take him to the pawn shop] 
i just have so many goals and so much going on this year that i need a computer i can carry around with me. 
so i ordered one. and i feel like it's just another thing i can mark off my list.

like i had said, i am back from dallas. i had went this past week to the dallas market to buy stuff for the razorback stores. i got so many ideas not only for the stores but just for myself. we actually could've spent a week and still wouldn't have made to every single shop.
i've had people ask me what the market is like..and for me i think it's like i've hit the "everything" tab on pinterest and i'm literally walking through it for 8 hours. 
don't worry, unlike last time..i took lots of pictures. and i'm going to share all of them.
bare with me there's lots of pictures. but, yall. there was so much to look at..if you ever get a chance to go to market..DO NOT HESITATE! you will have so much fun. i didn't buy anything for myself since i'm trying to save my money but i came pretty close to buying the cutest phone case i'd ever seen. ah. le sigh.

first things first..i told ya'll i had lots of inspiration. 
here's some new projects that i have in mind.
burlap and chevron were everywhere.
i have already decided to make that chevron burlap pumpkin. [possibly this weekend]
the next round of photos were things i just thought were neat..and if i had tons of money i woulda bought every single item.
come on, how neat is that chair?
we also saw tons of different patterns. they were everywhere. 
i think these would all be fun in team colors. don't you?
i know i know, we weren't there to look at stuff for ourselves. we were there for hogman's gameday superstores a girl can dream right so yes we did see a million and one things to buy for the stores this fall.
all of the above. 
and not only did we see merchandise ideas, we saw display ideas as well.
oh and we found these state ornaments that i thought were absolutely adorable. and adorable isn't a word i throw around lightly, either. 
 how fun and original. and they had all states, too. 
like i said i got so many ideas. and i went with another co-worker who designs stuff for my family's wholesale company and she got tons of ideas, too.
we are excited to start ordering stuff and getting some new lines in our stores this year.
here's some other pictures i took from the two days we were there. 
i always see so much skulls and skeletons stuff. [my favorites]
[one of the many truck stops we stopped at, and the view from our hotel room]
[poo-pourri was all over the market, that mushroom lights up when the sun hits it, the array of hot air balloons was the first picture i took at the show, and one of my stoli sprites i had at my hotel's restaurant] 
all in all we had such a good time. beth [the co-worker i went with] and i have so much in common, we liked a lot of the same things, and we mesh really well. needless, to say i'm looking forward to working with her more in the future.

well..what a post what a post. hope i didn't bore ya to death.
this week i'm not too busy, i'm kinda in the in between weeks where my days are less and less busy. i do have tons of buying meetings coming up in the next few weeks..and ya'll february will be here before we know it. which means i'll be doing a recap on my monthly goals soon..which i have been doing fantastic on. what about you? you knocking out some goals, too?
i haven't quiiiiite figured out how to make it to work on time...
i'm a work in progress. 

okay i am jumping up in down with excitement over my new computer.
over and out..
"come on. let's go start a small brush fire and whiz it out."
[the three stooges]


  1. I would LOVE to go to Market someday! Looks awesome!

  2. I could NEVER do what you do because I'd want to BUY. IT. ALL.

    And then I'd go bankrupt.


  3. oooh i'm loving the inspiration!!! i would want to buy or make everything!!