Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Store Number Four

just poppin in to say..i'll be a little m.i.a for the next few weeks. 
BECAUSE....of this little treasure...
hogman's gameday superstore NUMBER 4. the conway location. which for you non-arkansans, is bout thirty minutes from north little rock. it's called the "hog zone" now but over the next few weeks and even months we will be turning it into a hogman's gameday superstore.

 my new laptop. i haven't had a chance to really mess with it. oh and i still don't have internet at my crib because i OFFICIALLY put my house on the market on monday. a sign is in my yard, a lockbox on my door, and i've been looking at other houses any chance i get.
i haven't found one i love yet but i know it's out there in north little rock somewhere...
i had my first open house yesterday, which made everything that much more real. i started to have some mixed emotions. i love my house. i really do.. but i need things that i just don't a garage and bigger closets. this has been my house for three years. would if i regret moving? my dad did re-assure me that my grandparents lived in their house for forty five years [they just recently moved] and they have no regret. they absolutely love their new house. and i guess i am looking forward to having a new place for the next chapter of my life. i'm bout to be 25, people. woah..that's all i gotta say. 

anyways, i'm busy. i have some exciting things happening in the next couple of months and i'll do my absolute best to keep you's guys updated. 
[just bare with me]
"what's better for dottie? having $10,000 so she can go to that amazon school or having a beat up, old, ugly, naggy alcoholic mother for another 20 years or so?"
[killer joe]


  1. Wow, lots of new and exciting things going on! That laptop is a beauty... and the store- oh my gosh! So exciting! I cna;t believe you've been a homeowner for so long! I'm still renting, and unsure when I'll ever be able to afford a house of my own! Change is a scary thing, but I'm sure you will find something you love and all we be ok! Good luck!

  2. I'm proud of you for moving in the direction of what you want! It'll happen when it happens love!