Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Turn a Tire Shop into a Shopping Center

i might be a teeny bit excited. see, i love going on trips. and even though i love arkansas to death, it's still nice to get outta here sometimes and be somewhere different. and although i will be working..i'll also be shopping. and you already know how i feel bout shopping. [seriously one of my favorite things, ever.] i don't know if any of you's have ever been to the dallas market..but all i'm saying is, it's pretty awesome. i get so much inspiration for myself and for my stores. 
this time i'm going with my homegirl, beth. she helps me with all the marketing, [facebook, twitter, schedules the news shows, and works with the radio stations] employees and anything else that involves store crap. [aka..stuff i don't wanna do] we are close in age and we work great together. she's also a designer for my family's company so i'm sure we'll also get tons of ideas for new designs. we are both pretty excited to get to go.

we leave tomorrow morning and come back sometime saturday. 
it should be a pretty good trip. 

okay, so i had told you guys that we moved our north little rock store to a new location. ya'll it is huge! and it's exactly what we needed. we were in an old [historic] house in and old [historic] neighborhood..running outta room every single day..but not anymore. when we opened the little store in that old [historic] house back in 2010 i had no clue that we would grow this much in 3 years. crazy.

luckily, i took before pictures. because we had to do LOTS of work to get this place in shape. 
what we started with was...a tire shop. this tire shop had been sitting vacant for years. till my old man decided to buy it and turn it into a shopping center. first he had to go to contractor's school and get his contractor's license..and then after that we got started on "operation tire shop." 

the day we went to measure was the day we decided on how big the nlr location was gonna be. 
walking round that tire shop..i was thinking everything was going to be so small. would this really work? 
unfortunately, i only took pictures of the outside..but to give you an idea of what it looked like on the inside here's some pics courtesy of google:
the third picture is a lot like how our tire shop looked. turn this baby into a shopping center. my dad already knew how to do that. he had his plans drawn up pretty quick and got two other businesses to join the nlr location before we even started demo. 

not only did we have our regular crew of four we also had a good bit of mexicans helping us out, too. lots and lots and lots of work went into it but it's finally finished. it wasn't the easy but it turned out amazing. a lot of talented people helped out and things didn't always go smoothly but it's done. and we can move on to a new project. my dad is pretty amazing at what he always starts with a vision. 

okay enough chatting. here's the before and after pictures. 
introducing....STONE GATE PLAZA [i think that's the name]
 [needless to's way easier on the eyes now then it was before..]
[even the parking lot got a makeover]
[the new north little rock location]
[we brought two new businesses to north little rock]
[it's so pretty]

my daddy did such an amazing job designing this new center. 
and yours truly got to clean the entire thing. yeah, that's no way glamorous but i like to contribute somewhere besides just hassling folks for their rent. 
oh and here's the inside photos... go back up to the top and look at those inside pics again..prepare to be amazed..again.

[we moved the nlr store a couple of weekends ago..i'll be sure to take some new photos and post them soon]
[oak grove pharmacy hasn't moved in yet..but soon.]
[twisted flair salon has been in and operational for weeks now. you can tell they love their new spot]

and there ya have it peeps. another little sneak peek into what i do for a living. 
check out other remodels and renovations HERE and HERE.

alrighty, first and only post this week since i'll be leaving for DALLAS tomorrow morning. 
we'll pick up again next week.
"ah, beer and darts. keeping the eye patch industry alive since the 1800s."
[that 70s show]


  1. SOOO jealous of market! I've never been. Can you buy stuff for yourself...or only for businesses?

  2. I hope you have a BLAST in Dallas. I went about a month ago to visit a friend. We stayed away from the majority of the tourist stuff that I wanted to see and mainly stuck to restaurants, shopping and bars, haha. It was a fun trip but I definitely wish I would have done a little sight seeing!!