Friday, January 4, 2013

Excited for 2013


well turns out, friends, that i have time to throw out a post today. thought i was going to be out and about all week but i've made some time today, to work in my office and get some paperwork done.
it's a new year. and i am so excited for all the new adventures i have ahead. really. i am so excited for this year's journey. i guess it's cause i'm finally happy with where i am at in my life. i have an amazing group of friends, a great job, lots of awesome plans ahead and quite frankly "i'm living the american dream" 
are you excited for a new year?

anyways, i wanted to show off some pictures of my new years eve. i spent it with my friends. we went to a train station in little rock that holds events all year. [i had my prom there] last year was a blast and this year was no different. i loved my outfit and had so much fun bringing in the year with my best friends. 
we met at amber's before to do a little pre-partying. 
[not gonna jewelry cost more than my dress]

[cameron, amber, brit, shae, and me]

after taking a billion shots pictures. we headed to the party.
i really did have so much fun. the dj wasn't that great but until i get my own equipment i guess i really can't hate.
you see those white light-up sticks some of us have? they were actually more like pool noodles. anyways, i had a lot of fun running around and giving people a BIG new years eve whack!!
i actually ran into someone i had gone on a few dates with..but uh it didn't quite work out [i was bored] uh yea i mighta got him prreeetty gooood.
let's just say..i got him like i boss..

happy new year, folks.
ya'll have a good weekend, ya hear.
"i hit him bout four times. i woulda been a boxer but i was in special education. i'm telling you, i was whooping his ass!"
[friday after next]


  1. You are sooooo pretty, and so are your friends! Looks like an awesome NYE! This year is going to be different-this is OUR YEAR!

  2. Your dress is just too freaking cute!!!