Friday, December 7, 2012

What's on your Christmas Wish List?

i have such a fun post planned for today. 
but first let me just say...tee gee eye eff! right?! i don't know bout yall but it's been a long week for me. i have been so busy setting up 7 new properties that i feel like i haven't even done anything. but i totes have. and unfortunately i'm getting a bad cold. so i desperately need a weekend to re-cooperate and catch my breath.
whooo. alrighty, lets get on to the goods.
today i wanted to share with yall....
have you been working on yours?

to be quite honest with you guys i really didn't know what i wanted to ask for this year. 
this shopaholic already has so much. but once i started to really think about it, the ideas started flowing in. some of them are quite random. i will say, it was lots of fun coming up with this wish list. 

first and foremost i want need a new watch. mines is pretty ghetto. 
here's some that i really really like...
number one being my most favorite..then two..then three.
i love black and gold [they're my favorite colors] and really need a nicer newer watch for my left wrist.

when i went to decorate houses a couple of weeks ago..the lady i went with had these boots on. 
seriously i wanted to steal them from her..but i knew more than likely they weren't a size 6. 
i have a pair of uggs now but they're tall boots and they aren't very comfortable. these look too comfy.

a pair of black toms either in corduroy or crochet.
aren't these cute?

ya girl needs her makeup fix.
[you can find all three of these at sephora]

yall already know i gotta have some kiki la'rue on my wishlist. 
shirt found HERE
necklace found here but unfortunately they are out of stock right now. they may get more in or you might can find it somewhere else...
and the spike bracelet found HERE. they currently only have two in stock...
[i'm a little disappointed that they don't get larger stock quantities. oh well]


i definitely wouldn't mind if i got one of these on christmas morning.

ok ok so the list is getting pretty long..
yes i would love to get my hands on an automatic sander.
and that would be vintage silverware..cause having plain ole silverware is unacceptable.

last one. here's some oops i forgot to get sica a present last minute gifts i would be excited to get, too.
MOVIES! duh. in order of how bad i want them.

whew. i know that was a lot. and i'd totally be okay with just getting the watch..and the sander...
have you started making your christmas list yet?

well i already got lots planned for this weekend.
tonight...if i'm feeling any better. i'm gonna go with my besties to north little rock's painting with a twist. yall may have something like it in your city. basically you b.y.o.b [bring your own booze] to this painting class for a night. booze and painting..uh ya'll know i said i was game.
that is if i feel better. i really don't feel so hot right now. we'll see.

then on saturday...I'M GOING TO HOT SPRINGS.
if you read my blog regularly you know that hot springs is my fav place to be. my bff [stormi] invited me to the annual knights of columbus christmas dinner dance. i went with her in 2010 and remember having a pretty good time. plus its open bar! [wow i sound like an alcoholic..i swear i'm only a shopaholic]

i'm still not done christmas decorating. so i really really hope i finish this weekend. i got a little christmas tree fo freeee up here at work and i've already bought stuff to decorate hims with but i have left him sitting in my office every single day this week. i'm bout to go put him in my truck right now.

alrighty. i hope yall have an awesome weekend.
do you have any fun plans?
i might needa go home and take a nap...
"shut the hell up back there. you in coach. you ain't supposed to talk to nobody in first class. didn't you see titanic?"
[madea's witness protection]


  1. That's a good Christmas list! I already got several things on my list (Dyson, Shark steamer) but I'm DYING for a monogram gold necklace. I home Santa (I mean Tyler) got the hints! :)

  2. I asked for naked too. My mom buys all 3 girls makeup for Christmas each year -- usually some type of palette for eyes or lips or a combo. Maybe she thinks we need a little help beauty-wise or maybe its because sephora has a sale after thanksgiving, your guess is as good as mine!!

  3. Love your list! I got a Crockpot last year and it is seriously one of my fave presents ever! Makes dinner time to much easier! I just made my wish list yesterday- and a watch is at the top of mine too! And I have heard of Painting with a Twist, and I really really want to go! Have a blast this weekend and feel better soon!

  4. Your tall Uggs are uncomfortable? Oh dear. Why? I'm scared now!

  5. You are too cute! I love your list! Especially the vitage silverware! (I have a weird addiction to vintage china. It's weird I know.) :)

    XOXO, Elle