Friday, December 21, 2012

Tis the Season to be Jolly

ain't that the truth. wow, ya'll. i cannot believe christmas is on tuesday. that's like 4 days away. and i am crunk. i cannot wait to give everyone all of my well as get a few of my own. 
i'm also looking quite forward to the four whole days i'll be off work. sometimes it's nice to get out of the office and do something different. 

i wanted to post the step by step instructions of the christmas tree i put in my guest bedroom. i love how the tree turned out. i'm telling ya'll it looks even better than i imagined it it would. 

i told ya'll on tuesday that i got a little tree fo freeeeee up here at my work. 
his limbs were bent pretty bad and his lights no longer worked. but i didn't care. in my eyes i saw a perfectly good christmas tree.

i added two new strands of lights two his limbs. all they had left everywhere was mulit-colored lights. so i got stuck with them. but i actually really like the colored lights.
i got two strands of twenty lights for $3 each.

next was the burlap. i've been seeing lots and lots of burlap lately. when my mom and i went to holiday house back in november we saw burlap creations every where. then i worked with burlap again, when i went with katie to decorate houses after thanksgiving. needless to say, i've been anxious to work with it and make my own burlap creation.

i found burlap ribbon at hobby lobby..
i got three rolls for 1.99 each since they were fifty percent off.
basically all i did was take the ribbon and start at the top of the tree, have it flow down from the top and using the tree's limbs twist them around the ribbon so it will stay in place. when i got to the bottom i just cut the ribbon. then start again. i used two rolls for all the strips of burlap.
i saved the last roll to make the burlap bow for the top of the tree.

for the bow...i just tied a bow. then using my trusty glue gun i glued smaller strips of burlap to the back of the bow to make it look more full. [still haven't quite conquered bow making] 

lastly i added the ornaments. i had some big gold stars my aunt jen had given me last year. i had already decided they were going on this tree.
so i started with them first. placing them all over the tree.
but it was still missing something. so i dug deeper into the box and found gold feather ornaments. [i totally forgot about them] so i added them in with the stars.
see the feather? isn't it gorgeous? i may or may not be slightly obsessed with them.
after i used enough feathers i still felt as if i was missing something.
then i remembered i had a huge tub of leftover ornaments from our work party christmas games we did last year. i can't let those ornaments go to waste, ya know.
i pulled several gold ones out of the tub to use on the tree.
then added them all over the tree.
when i was done. i was done. oh my goodness it looks so cute. i stared at that little guy for a couple of minutes. why is christmas decorating so much fun?
well that was my little guest bedroom tree. it was the very last [and final] thing for me to decorate.
well i am sure a lot of you are looking forward to christmas. i guess i am. things are going to be very different this year. i'm not exactly sure how i feel about it but i guess this little girl has to grow up sometime. either way, i'm excited to get my hands on some gifts and celebrate christmas with some stoli my friends and family.

i hope each and everyone of you have an absolutely wonderful christmas. if you don't celebrate christmas i hope you have one heck of a holiday.
it really is the best time of the year. it's a time to reminisce about the year, all the things we have, all the things we've accomplished. all the love we have in our lives.
if you read my matter if you follow..or comment...thanks. my blog has grown tremendously the past year. thanks to each and every one of you. this blog is me. so thanks for sticking around and reading.
wow i'm getting a little off track here. anywhoo, have a wonderful christmas break. hopefully, i'll be able to do some blogging before the end of the year.

i have big things happening to me in 2013. i can feel it.
[unless the world ends today...]

hope santa treats you good this year.
merry christmas. happy holidays. feliz navidad. seasons greetings. and ho ho ho.
"rudolph had a girlfriend! her name was clarice. she thought he was cute. okay, if anyone was gay, it was that-that hermey. no straight elf has hair like that."
[that 70's show]


  1. Your decor is so great, you're so good at that stuff! I am a LOT behind on Christmas... geez.

  2. love your wit!

    Check out my newest outfit post at:

  3. I love your tree! Its so beautiful! The feather is gorgeous and the burlap looks great! I also love the quote at the top...I am pretty much a morning person anyway but Christmas Day takes it to the and my brother used to get up at 2am, look at presents and then sleep until 4.30...then we were up for the day! I still can never sleep on Christmas Eve! Hope you had a fabulous few days off work!