Thursday, December 13, 2012

That One Time I Locked Piper In The Laundry Room

all. night. long. 
oops! i felt so bad, yall. but honestly i had no clue.
i fed her then shut the door not thinking that she couldn't get out. she has a kitty cat door she uses but it was locked from the other night. [i had locked her up for peeing on the floor for the fourth time] i had been keeping the door open so i didn't think twice when i closed it...thinking she could get out through the kitty cat door.
but the kitty cat door was locked. 

i was laying in bed when i heard her meow. but when i called out for her she didn't come. i figured she would come into the room later that night. but she never did. i woke up around 3 am [as usual] and wondered why she hadn't gotten into the bed with me. but i went back to sleep..thinking she was just in the guest bedroom asleep in her favorite spot. 

but she wasn't.
that morning i woke up to her crying. crying for help. i looked everywhere for her. i swear her poor little meow sounded so sad and helpless. when i finally went into the living room to search, that's when i found out i had locked her in the laundry room all freakin night! 

when i let her out, she ran up to me and started giving me lots and lots of lovin.
she was cold. [my laundry room doesn't get any heat] and confused. i knew she was trying to say she was sorry for whatever she had did. i carried her in my room to get her all warmed up...needless to say she didn't leave my side all morning. 
the kitty cat door has been unlocked and hopefully that little fiasco won't happen again.
[snuggled up with my beanie]

before i leave you i wanted to post a couple of things. i don't know about you's guys but my life has totally been revolving around christmas. there has been something christmasy happen every single day this month. and i'll tell ya this girl ain't complaining.

monday i worked on more decorating.
tuesday i had my annual bunko dirty santa party
[before the party]
[what i got from dirty santa]
last year's party was at my house. to read about it click HERE
wednesday i worked on revamping my grandmommy's christmas wreath. i plan on posting about it tomorrow.
today i'm going to go christmas shopping for a bit. gotta start looking for what i am going to get this little guy..

the 12 days of christmas blog swap started today. [even though i accidentally started a day early. oops]
i'm also gonna work on more decorating today. [shocker..]
tomorrow i have my work christmas party up here at work. we're closing at noon, having the party, then going home early. my kind of party, right there.
oh and here's a couple of things i wouldn't mind adding to my christmas wish list:
[these glasses and shaker are to die for]
ooh ooh i would add this, too..
and if all my loved ones just wanted to chip in together and get me this:
i totally wouldn't mind.
what about you? is christmas taking over your life, too?
"hey, who locked the door, huh? i don't like locked doors around here. they make me crazy. i was locked up. pass the wire! pass the wire! i don't want no grilled cheese. no, leroy, i'm bilingual! there's a difference. no. more. locked. doors!"
[friday after next]

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  1. Oh poor Piper!

    And your dream closet is amaizng!