Friday, December 28, 2012

Poof! Bye Bye Bye Electricity

so. this happened. 
snow snow please go away...and never come again. thank you. 
i mean snow is pretty but if it knocks out your electricity, it sucks. i mine electricity sho nuff went out. 
i was so snug in my bed after spending a lovely christmas morning with my family. then poof! my power went bye bye bye! it tried to come back on. but it didn't. 

i ventured over to my friend cameron's house cause she had power. but right when i got there..poof! no power. so we went to our friend, amber's apartment in little rock. luckily, she had power. we watched christmas movies and watched the weather get worse and worse.
[taken on amber's porch]

unfortunately, right when we were getting ready for bed..poof! bye bye bye electricity. so we had to sleep with no power..and no heat. luckily i had tons of layers on and i didn't freeze. 
that morning cameron and i had to go back to north little rock. her momma had got power back and we needed to be where the electricity was at. needless to say it was an adventure getting my jeep cleaned off from all the snow. annnd making the trek all the way back to the northside. but so worth it since cam's mommy had heat. and food.
i stayed at cameron's that night. went home in the morning to electricity and a very lonely kitty. 
i mean ya'll. i really do no know how the pioneers did it. 
thank you so much God for making benjamin franklin. i mean his daylight savings idea wasn't too bright but he hit the nail on the head when inventing electricity. 

i wanted to show off all my wonderful christmas gifts but ya'll will just have to wait till next year. [it'll be here before we know it] so. today..i decided to do my resolutions. i always make a list of things i would like to accomplish in a year..i don't always go through with them but hey! i like making lists, ight. 
first though, HERE are the resolutions i made last year. i wanted to go through them and let ya'll know how this chica did. [not so hot, that's what] 

[one] go to church more often.
this i started off great and then gradually stopped going altogether.
[two] get involved in the arkansas food bank.
i kinda did this. ok..just one time. i donated towards the thanksgiving meals they do here in arkansas. yeah but that's all i did. 
[three] respect my co-workers.
i think i have done a million times better at this.   check!
[four] do a craft/project once a week and blog about it. 
yep. didn't do this one at all. 
[five] recycle.
CHHHEECK! i started and made it a habit.
[six] wear heels more often.
another check on this one. my doctor even told me i need to stop wearing them so much..not gonna happen.
[seven] save my money and cut out useless spending.
nope. i totally sucked at this one.
[eight] keep calm and stay positive.
this one could still use some work.
[nine] around the house to do list.
yeah..i don't think i did even one thing on this list.
[ten] read at least one book a month.
i stared great..then the summer hit and i stopped carin.

so yeeeah looks like i accomplished 3 outta 10. wow. i think it's kinda funny, actually. 
so this resolutions are going to be a little different. i'm not going to make ones i know i won't's not happenin. 
so here are my resolutions for the year two thousand thirteen. 
1. make monthly goals.
2. take some decorating courses.
3. plan a girls trip to branson.
4. make a monthly saving budget.
5. donate.
6. go to real estate school.
7. sell my house.
8. join a bible study.
9. make it to work on time and don't take sick days. [unless i'm on my deathbed]
10. watch all the movies that have received "best picture"

there ya have it. i really want to focus on making monthly goals this year and keeping up with them on the blog. they can be anything from making a burlap cleaning out my pantry. i just want to accomplish things this year. i wanna be adventurous and put myself out there. 
i really wanna quit waiting around for something great to happen and make something great happen. 
i just have this feeling deep down that i got some great things a ahead of me in the year 2013.
are you ready for new years? 
i gotta get my butt out this weekend and look for a new year's eve dress. what are your plans?
"how dare you be rude to this women who has invited us into her tent and offered us hedgehog."
[sherlock holmes: a game of shadows]


  1. I love your line about Ben Franklin. Agreed. Yes to power, no to daylight savings. :)

    Look like you have a good list to work on next year. I didn't make all my goals...but if you don't have something to work towards (even if you fail on some) what fun is that? :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Blimey! I hope your electricity comes back/is back! I love snow too...until it causes annoyances like that...although I have never lost electricity in the UK because of snow! I started last year with 6 'aims' of things I wanted to accomplish and then followed them up on my blog every went really well actually so I think you might have better luck this year! It was easier to see where I was making progress! I am just working on next years aim - am starting with cooking every recipe in a cookbook :) Should be fun! Anyway, nice to meet you, I am off to read more of your blog now! New follower! Rebecca @

  3. Look at all that snow! We got a ton here too-is it normal for you to get snow like that?