Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Painting with a TWIST! + Other Weekend Shenans

hey. it's a new week. 
monday went by sllllooooow. and i'm really hoping the rest of the week doesn't do the same. let's keep our fingers crossed. 

i was gonna finish up my christmas decorating last night but yea that didn't happen. i have so much that needs to be done and i haven't done any of it! i have got to step up my game this week.
i'm determined to finish decorating tonight. plus i have to work on my grandmother's wreath re-do and make a tree topper for my bestie, amber. oh and there's that little thang called "christmas shopping" that i haven't quite gotten around to yet. this shopping freeze isn't making the "christmas shopping" any easier, either. there's so many pretty things in the stores right now. i'm telling ya'll it's getting harder and harder to resist.
i came suuuuper close to buying this bag:
 guess i'll just add it to my ever-growing christmas wish list.

before i get too busy, i wanted to tell yall a little bit about my weekend. 
on friday i did something i've never done before. 
two of my besties and i went to north little rock's painting with a twist which is an "art class" where you can drink booze and chill with your friends. they have two instructors [britney and michael] that show you what to do. they provide all the supplies and alls you gotta do is bring some booze and your best girlfriends. 
britney and michael were great at showing everyone how to shade and keeping are paint stocked. 
i was a little nervous. i love to paint and it's something i think i'm pretty good at but when it comes to drawing..yea not so much. but thankfully they have the picture you're going to paint already drawn on the canvas. whew. 
seriously it was so much fun! i love how mines turned out. i gave him to my mommy cause she has always wanted her very own santa painting.
i didn't bring any booze this time cause i wasn't feel so hot but i will definitely be doing that next time. 
if you ever get a chance to do something like this in yo city..then do not hesitate. i swear you will have a blast. everyone i've talked to who has done something like this has always had a good time. 
and we are already planning on going again!
have you done something like "painting with a twist?"
we went and saw this movie afterward:
i thought it was pretty sweet. 

here's a little bit more from my week:
[from left to right]
-hot chocolate has been my go to drink the past couple of weeks.
-new welcome mat i got for my front porch.
-put my 12 days of christmas blog swap presents under my pink christmas tree in my kitchen.
-elliott meeting santa claus for the first time.
-little bottled santa i bought from a co-worker. [she made it]
-stormi and i at the knights of columbus christmas dinner dance.

oh and look who went to motley's christmas tree farm for the very first time:
i gots to get out and start looking for christmas presents for this little dude. i'm telling yall it's going to be one fun christmas with my family.

what did you do this weekend?
[tell me in the comments]
"i can't believe you're replacing me as santa. three years, and now management says, "i'm too jolly."
[that 70s show]


  1. Tipsy painting sounds like a definite win to me! Your santa is adorable. :D

  2. Can't believe such a class exists!!! That's the best thing ever!

  3. I AM lazier than the dude who created the Japanese flag.

    Love from NY
    xx Arushi

  4. Hi Jessica. LOVE ecards but hadn't seen that first one! Ha!

  5. Oh, I love PWAT!! It's such a blast.

  6. I have always wanted to do those Painting with a Twist things! They always look like so much fun!

  7. Yay! There's my gifts under your tree! I'm so hoping you'll like them!

    I love that purse too, and your Santa is soooo cute! :)