Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Halls have been DECKED!

merry christmas, yall.

i literally cannot believe that christmas is next week. this month has gone by so fast. eff that. this year has gone by so fast. i cannot believe i will be getting wasted celebrating new years in just two weeks. ahhhhh this is insane, people. 
well..I'M DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! i am too crunk about this. i thought i was going to be out on christmas eve with the other fools who wait till last minute to get gifts together. but nope i finished up today. i'm just waiting on a few things to come in from this site and then i can wrap everything up..most of it is already. have you finished shopping?

so. today, i wanted to show off some of my christmas decorating. i know i've been showing off lots of it lately but i love christmas decor and on my blog i write about things i love. 
like this fella..
[wouldn't mind getting him in my stocking]

moving along..here's some of my favorite christmas decorations i've put out this year. 
do you decorate for christmas?
last year i showed yall in this post the reveal and step by step instructions on what i did to give the wreath for my front door some christmas cheer. this year i wanted to use the same thing but give it some sprucing up. i wasn't feeling the address letters anymore so i removed them and added picks, sprays, and ornaments.
inspiration for the wreath came at me in the middle of the day. [thank the lord for hobby lobby]
TA DA! i love the new look. it really looks a bajillion times better than it did before.
i didn't do lights last year but after i saw this on pinterest i wanted to try some out.
love the outcome.
i got these cute christmas pillows from target for about twelve bucks each.
i had got these candy canes from hobby lobby not too long ago. found the perfect spot for them.
this weekend, i hung up the wreaths i made last year. i was hoping to spotlight my house but i don't know if it's even worth it since we literally have seven days till christmas......
i LOVE wrapping presents. just as much as i love getting giving them. i don't know what it is..maybe it's all the millions of different rolls of paper you can find or coming up with different ways to tie the bow. or seeing the look on the gift receiver's face when they open their new toy or a great smelling candle. any of these reasons would be why; i just find gift giving to be lots of fun. [one of the main reasons i love christmas] 
last year i got some funky green and red paper with big swirls all over it. this year i went with something a little bit more traditional.

[my 12 days of christmas presents i wrapped for this girl...love the santa wrapping paper]
i used the left over tulle from the christmas lights to go around all my presents. i'm really digging how they all turned out. i have just a couple more presents to wrap.
this year i wanted to have a christmas tree in every room of my house. 
so i did that.
here's all five of my christmas trees. [love them all]
yep that would be five very different christmas trees. 
i did the guest bedroom one last night and i cannot wait to do a full reveal on him this week. he turned out to be my favorite so well considering i got him fo freeeee.
my [family's] company has been cleaning out all the old usa drug stores and bringing tons of free stuff back to our warehouse. i grabbed this little christmas tree, a fake plant, and a wooden barstool. [plan on fixing him up for my new hobby room in my new house..whenever that may be.]

well..that's all i got for ya'll today. i unfortunately have to be on the news again tomorrow morning. hopefully i can get some of those ignant last minute christmas shoppers into my stores before next tuesday. 
wish me luck!

so..have you decked your halls for christmas?
"i mean, this is a fourth grade participation medal for soccer. it's literally a medal for sucking."
[21 jump street]

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