Friday, December 14, 2012

My Grandmommy's Wreath Revamp

happy friday, peeps!
so, a week or so ago my grandmommy asked me if i would fix up her christmas wreath. if you know me at all, you know i jumped at the opportunity. i love christmas decorating. especially when it's for another person.

so last wednesday she brought me her old wreath so i could revamp it!
she had gold rope and small cranberries attached already so i knew exactly what i wanted to use.
i went to tipton & hurst to pick up some deco mesh.
and then to hobby lobby to get some fancy picks and sprays.
hobby lobby has all their christmas stuff for 50% off right now. i got ten cranberry picks and about 6 other fancier picks.
i got the cranberry picks for 50 cents each and the fancier picks for 75 cents each. 
just remember to get lots. if you want your wreath to look full, it's not going to look like that with just three little picks. so if you think "is seven too many?" it's probably not.
also, i really wanted to add jingle bells. [i have them on my wreath] they really make your wreath look and sound like christmas.
i got a pack of gold jingle bells for around 3 bucks. i strung the jingle bells on some floral wire then wrapped the wire around the stem of the fancier pick. it created this look:
what do you think?
i loved how it turned out. it looks like they came like that.
so after meshing my wreath, i just took my picks and put them all around the mesh. i used the fancier picks on the inside and the cranberry picks on the outside. 
here's the finished look..
and it jingles so beautifully. i really am sooooooo glad i added the bells.
thanks, grandmommy for letting me revamp your wreath! i sure hope you like it.
would you let me re-do your christmas wreath?

alrighty, like i told you's yesterday i have my work's christmas party this afternoon. we get our christmas bonuses and we getta leave early for the weekend. i am crunk. 
not sure exactly what i'm gonna do this weekend. i know i fo sho need to get my butt out and start christmas shop asap. hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
cannot believe we have eleven days till christmas. i get pretty crunk about some christmas. 
happy holidays, yall!
"i had to buy it, suze. i felt sorry for the shop assistant. she had a lazy eye. i didn't know which way she was looking. it was so sad."
[confessions of a shopaholic]


  1. That wreath is so gorgeous- makes me want to make one! I especially love the gold & red colors :D

  2. It looks gorgeous! Great job girly!

  3. Great looking wreath - I love it! Go you!