Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Just Ridiculously Busy

you know what i find ridiculous?
do ya? 

i'll tell ya...i've been busy. like ridiculously busy. 
and i've been trying to post but like i said i've been sooooooooooo busy. 
when i get a chance to read other people's blogs..i see that they have the time to post every day and the time to complain about how busy they are but yet they just wrote a super long blog post..i'm not hating. i'm just wondering how they do it. seriously how do ya'll do it?

i'm sure if i had internet at my house i could punch a couple of posts out a week.
but i don't. 
and i don't plan on getting it until i move to a new house. 
speaking of...i think i mighta found the new house. it's still too soon but i am very interested. 
[more on it later]
so till i can figure out this bloggin thang. ya'll will just have to get used to my scattered blogging. 

what are some of things i've been doing? besides spending money and breaking my shopping freeze 
here i'll show you. last weekend was the perfect way to start december out with a bang. 

first things first though...
on thursday i had come home to these two little guys chillin on my front porch.
the pink one from kiki la'rue was filled with a couple of christmas presents but that white one was just for me.
it held my new plaid shirt i ordered from savoir-faire that monday.
so naturally i wore the new favorite to work the next day:
the material on this shirt is super soft and i really am thinking bout asking for another one for christmas. 
[hoping to post my christmas wishlist soon]

the weather warmed up and me and my girls decided it be a perfect night to get dolled up and go out on the town. so we did. i unfortunately took zero pictures. and i fell in my sky high heels...twice! but i had loads of fun. sometimes you just need to get out and go dancing with your best girl friends. 

saturday was literally the. best. day.
i woke up and started to get some stuff together cause i had planned to make a small trip down to hot springs. stormi [my bff] invited me to her mom's scentsy party. i was pretty excited to see her and to get my hands on some more scentsy products. 
and i did. i got two medium sized scentsy warmers and 6 new bars for around seventy bucks. 
yep i spent money. again. [that's no surprise, right?]

after the scentsy party we hung out at stormi's for a good bit. it was so nice to getta chance to catch up. we  have seen each other but only for a few hours...this past saturday was the first time we actually got to hang out in a couple of months. i so needed some quality time with my bff.  

later..we [myself, stormi, stormi's hubby, and stormi's co-worker's wife] decided to hit up garvan gardens to see all the neat and beautiful christmas lights. garvan gardens is a botanical garden up in the mountains in hot springs, arkansas. i've never been. i definitely want to go back during the day and not during the christmas season. and since stormi made me a pass though her work, i can get in fo freeeeeeee.
[the gingerbread house]

after leaving garvan gardens we were all pretty pooped.
saturday was a pretty awesome day.

sunday was awesome, too. i worked on more christmas decorating. [i'm almost finished] 
i had told ya'll a couple of weeks ago that i had signed up for a christmas ornaments blog swap. i didn't know at the time that my ornaments were being sent to me from another country. freaking cool, right? that's what i thought. i got hooked up with this homegirl from the UK and she sent me the cutest little ornaments. 
they were the very first ornaments i put on my tree. dont tell the other two ornaments but the penguin is definitely my favorite. thanks jenstar i absolutely love them and will cherish them forever. 

well friends looks like that's all i have time for today. i'm still working on christmas decorating but i'm alllmost done. [finally] i'm working on outside stuff tonight..if this rain lets up. and then alls i got left is two little christmas trees..one of them i got fo freeee. 
what about you? have you finished christmas decorating? 

before i go..if ya noticed..i'm sure you did. i broke my shopping freeze. again, again. i seriously have a problem and might need to consider joining shopaholic's anonymous.
luckily i have finished my 12 days of christmas shopping and just need to work on wrapping it up [pun not intended] 
so, i'm officially officially freezing spending any money on myself. the last thing will be this purple piko that came in the mail yesterday..[can't wait to wear it] 
i got mine from kiki la'rue but savoir-faire has them, too. theirs are $36 also. 
so? do you guys think i can do it? i haven't really proven myself but since i'm broke maybe, just maybe i can stay away from those stores. 
have you started christmas shopping yet?
happy tuesday! [payday needs to hurry the eff up!]
"are you out of your mind? this is inspiring for the watch. whenever you have a tiger, flames and wings all in the same logo. it's like the chinese symbol for "shut the hell up and dance!"
[the watch]

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  1. Awww I'm sooo glad you liked them! Also pleased that they look good on your tree! So glad i got to take part in the swap :) and send the ornaments to you!

    Jen xxx