Monday, December 31, 2012

From 2012 to 2013

tomorrow is two thousand thirteen, folks.
i'm at work today but i have major plans tonight to bring in the new year with my best girlfriends. 
we celebrated at the train station last year and plan on doing the same for this year. 
i found a dress yesterday. it is so freaking cute and the jewelry i'm wearing is totally funky, and perfect for the dress. what are you doing for new years?
i have a busy week this week so i won't get to post very much. we are moving the north little rock store to a new building [post coming soon] and i just have lots to do since i will be off work tomorrow.

so i wanted to go ahead and brag about show off my presents i got from the 12 days of christmas blog swap hosted by angie [my partner] and beth.
basically we bought 12 presents for our blog swap partner, wrapped the presents individually, and then sent em to them. i was soooooo nervous that angie wasn't going to get hers in time, since i was a little late shipping them out. but she got them, just in time, too.
i accidentally started a day early but i honestly could help myself.
not only was i sent 12 presents, i was sent 12 cards as well. the first day was a large candy cane and that cute little "be naughty" button. [i actually collect little buttons like this] and the second day was that cute little notepad and pen.
day 3..bright neon pink tank [can never have too many]
day four..lip balm. [ya'll know i'm a sucka for some chapstick] 
day five..bow made by miss angie.
day 6..[my favorite] little owl.
day funky socks. [i needed some that actually matched.]
here's a close up of the cute little owl:
day 8..earrings made by angie.
day 9.. dvd the family stone. [i love movies. i didn't have this one nor had i even seen it. love it]
day 10.. book. [anxious to read this one]
day eleven.. ten new bottles of nail polish. [the sparkly ones are my favorites]
and day canister filled with soft peppermints.
well. that's all the fun goodies i got. did you participate in the swap?
angie, thank you so much for my gifts. i could tell that you thought carefully about each one. i cannot tell ya enough how happy i am that we've become friends over the past year. you're seriously one of the sweetest people i know and you have an amazing heart. thanks, again. 
[if your aren't following should be] i kinda have a long post today. but honestly with so much going on this week i think it'll be a little minute before i can post again. if you're a new follower, welcome! [thanks for the follow]

i wanted to take the opportunity today and share with you some of my favorite blogging moments from this past year. i have had lots of different things happen over the course of the year. 

i will admit i am still waiting for that life changing moment to happen in my life. it hasn't happened yet. but i have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a great year!

JANUARY-- i brought in the new year with some of my bestest friends. and my nephew, elliott, was born on january fifth at six o clock.

FEBRUARY--i helped host a baby shower for a church friend.

MARCH--we bought our second razorback store in little rock and decided to rename them: hogman's gameday superstore. also, i celebrated saint patty's day and my birthday all in the same weekend. 

APRIL--celebrated easter with my family.

MAY--i found the fabulous fringe bikini i had been looking for and hosted a bachelorette party at my lake house.

JUNE--i mentioned opening a third razorback store in hot springs, arkansas. one of my childhood best friends got married and i was in the wedding.

JULY--i pulled a trailer for the first time and celebrated the fourth of july with my friends and family.

AUGUST--i went on a vacation with my family to florida. i gave ya'll the full reveal of my hot springs' store. oh and i went on good morning arkansas and filmed my first commercial.

SEPTEMBER-- i showed ya'll the family photos my family had taken. and did a two hour segment with channel four news.

OCTOBER--i celebrated my friend, misti's 24th birthday. i made a big decision. i also, dressed up as cruella deville for halloween.

NOVEMBER--my besties and i went to fayetteville for the weekend and participated in the little rock color run.

DECEMBER--i went and checked out "painting with a twist" with two of my girlfriends. i also, went on channal 4 morning news to promote christmas well as show off our holiday commercial. and ended 2012 with christmas and snow.

what did you do in the year 2012? 
i stole this idea from this girl...if you made one let me know. i would love to read all the things you did in two thousand twelve. 
like i said, i believe 2013 is going to be a great year for me. my blog has grown so much in the last year. i went from having sixty followers in january...and now i have 105. that's still so crazy to me. especially since i have been contemplating going private. no, i haven't gotten negative feedback and no, there's not an anonymous out there harassing me. there's just so many people out there that can read my-my..well..basically my life. i feel like i'm a pretty private person but i do share a lot about myself on here.  i am completely honest on here but maybe telling the world what i do all. the. time. isn't in my best interest. i don't know what to do...i love my guys brighten my day. even though i don't know half of you "in real life" ya'll really know how to make a girl feel good bout herself. like literally ya'lls comments bring me back up if i ever feel down. i just know if i go private..i'll lose some of ya'll.
i love sharing my little story in my own little space. i love being able to look back and see all that i've accomplished, all the friends i've made, and how much i've grown. 
so, i'm stuck. i don't know what to do.
happy new years, friends! be safe out there tonight.
"you guys are idiots. who gets married on a whim, anyways? yea, i know, i married a stripper. but to be fair, i was pretty drunk so i might have been trying to say, "will you carry me?""
[that 70s show]


  1. Wow- you got tons of great goodies! I didn't participate, but may have to next year! Looks like you had an amazing year as well!

    Have fun tonight! I'm headed to a friend's house party- we rotate who will be hosting each year. Should a fun night of drinks and games- my favorite kind of night! Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in the new year!

  2. I am so glad you loved your swap package and that you hadn't seen that movie! It's one of my fave xmas movies! :)

  3. What a great swap- Angie is one of the best swap partners ever. I have nail polish envy! :)
    I'm so glad you participated in our swap- happy holidays!

  4. love that owl and love that she included cards with all your gifts!