Friday, November 2, 2012

Today is November 2nd, Cannot Believe

hallelurjah! hallelurjah! it's friday. my fav day of the freaking week. 
and this friday..i am doing something totes fun with my best girlfriends. 
that's right. just a little three hour trip up to northwest arkansas to a little town called fayetteville to stay for the weekend. since gameday sells all the razorback merchandise at the two little rock games, they gave my fam several freeeee ticks to some of the fayetteville games. [pretty sweet deal] so i got 4 ticks to the fayetteville homecoming game this weekend. 
we are so excited. we've been talkin bout this for months. i swear sometimes it's nice just to get out of your own city and go crash someone else's.
we are going to try our little darn hardest to get outta nlr at three if not before. i really hope i don't run late. 

anyhow, yesterday afternoont, after getting home from work, i see a bright pink package in my mailbox. some of you might know what that means..nope not birchbox
if you're thinking kiki la'rue that would be correct! i was pretty stoked. i had ordered this red sweater..
with this necklace..
and they were here! i really was super excited cause that meant i could wear the sweater for the homecoming game this weekend. and since it is pretty lightweight and it's posed to be pretty sunny..i know it is perfect!
i'm wearing the sideways cross in gunmetal today..oh my ya'll in love. it's lightweight, too. i hate necklaces that weigh my neck down.
unfortunately they are sold out of the striped sweater right now. but you can get yourself a sideways cross necklace HERE. [in silver, gold, or gunmetal] 
i got also got this top a week ago and might finally have a chance to wear it this weekend. 
find this one HERE.
well i have so much i need to do before we leave it ain't even funny. why didn't i do any of it yesterday? o yeah cause i'm lazy. stupid everyone's gonna be waiting on me. 
anyways, i am super excited to get to spend the weekend with three of my bestest friends. i am sure there will be many shenanigans this weekend. i mean that is my middle name..jessica shenanigan jenkins.
alrighty, let me take a moment to chat about thankfulness. 
my homegirl, susan had a wonderful blogging idear. she's doing a thankfulness blogger series this month on her blog. where we can come together once a week, link up, [thursday] and tell everyone what you're thankful for. i love this. i have stuff to be thankful for. lots of stuff. 
are you gonna join? i actually am going to do the same as suze and tell ya'll something i am thankful for in every post i post this november. i love that.
i would say i am thankful for having a good group of girlfriends. i have four very great girls in my life, that i know i can talk to about anything. i am so happy that God chose each of them carefully to be a part of my life. i am going to have so much fun with three of them this weekend. 
also i am thankful for the few girlfriends i have right here in the blogging world. i have gotten close with a few of you in the two years i have been blogging. although we have never met "in real life" i still consider ya'll my friends. and even talk about ya'll to my "real life" friends. this blogging community is so amazing, right?
so what are you thankful for? go to susan's blog to learn more about this series. i'm sure each and everyone of us has something to be thankful for.
"i mean, i love you. you're great at what you do. but you gotta get me some numbers. i got two daughters in college and a son in beauty school. i don't know how much you know about vidal sassoon, but that shit ain't cheap."
[the ugly truth]


  1. Those are some fab finds, that shirt is gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend and your road trip, that will be so fun!

  2. Hello lovely! hope you have a good weekend away! :D Just to let you know I am going to be sending you xmas decorations from the Xmas swap being held by Living In Yellow!! so i am just letting you know so if you could email me at so i can get your address! Speak soon!! :D

    Jen xxx