Thursday, November 8, 2012

I mean without Creation, We wouldn't be Here

creation. that's today's topic. 
but to be a little more specific...i'm talking about a certain location that has a special place in my heart.
annnnd that would be....ARKANSAS.
i was driving around town the other day, trying to think of what in the world would i choose to write about for my first "ya gotta give thanks" link up that susan is having on here blog every thursday this month.
hmmm. then i posted this pic on instagram:
and i knew exactly what i wanted to write about today. 
yep. that's what this homegirl is thankful for. the natural state. where i was born and raised..and where i'll die, too. i've always been a hardcore arkansan. thankfully, with my job, i gets to do lots of driving. and i'm so thankful that it's usually so beautiful outside. i cannot imagine living in a city where all i see is buildings, smog, and taxis. [not calling anyone out here] i love the drive i have to work everyday and the drive down to hot springs is breathtaking. especially with all the trees changing can bet yo bottom dolla i love a good leaf change. 

anywho, if you follow me on instagram [@j___jenkins] then you know i have a little obsession. an obsession with clouds. but hello they are pretty damn awesome, if i do say so myself. i'm constantly snapping pics of the best cloud formations and the beauty surrounding them. 
these were taken outside one of our warehouses....
& these were taken on the way to work. 
this is outside of my office. there's several fields surrounding our warehouse. annnd it looks absolutely gorgeous with a blanket of snow on top of it.
there are a few buildings and smog in arkansas right next to the arkansas river. ya'll heard of that river, right? it might even pass through your state. although i've never been on the arkansas river..i have had the chance to go on the submarine. [called the razorback] oh and you haven't lived till ya have ridden your bike along the river trail at sunrise. 
little rock and north little rock are separated by the arkansas i get to go across this little guy quite often. i think it's pretty neat to getta live by the good ole arkansas river. i mean it has history..
like this place...
this is the old mill. well known for being in the film gone with the wind. ya'll i am not lying to ya when i say this place is magical. i've visited this little place all my life. it's open 24/7 and what i love most about it, is it's smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood. it really is a hidden treasure.

now i'm sure a ton of you live around beautiful things. i mean clouds are clouds and can be taken in any city. but that's the thing...we are all surrounded by something beautiful. which makes me so thankful that God created the heavens and the earth. and when he created them, he made them beautiful.
so tell me......
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oh and to end this post with something a little weird....i dreamed last night that i turned into an egg roll. i'm being dead serious. i mean i've been eating a lot of egg rolls lately. maybe now since i'm dreaming about them i should stop. but it's so hard. my momma still did always say, "if you eat too much of something, you'll turn into it." hmmmm. happy thursday!

"now you're telling me, you were so ingrained with white trash dna that your facial hair actually grows in on it's own all white trashy like that?"
[joe dirt]


  1. Ha, omg. Dreaming you turned into an eggroll is kind of the funniest thing ever. :)

  2. Hi! I'm also doing the link up. I love your photos, the quote by Maya Angelou, and the egg roll dream...priceless. Hope you'll take a minute to visit my gotta give thanks post. Have a great Thursday!

  3. I'm listing what I'm thankful for on instagram every day This month.

  4. the pictures are the best ever! so interesting, it makes me want to visit there


  5. girrrrllll... you live in such a pretty place! but holy cow, you dream about becoming an egg role. that makes you even more awesome! :) thanks for linking up and spreading the word! :) xoxoxo