Monday, November 5, 2012

Fayetteville with my Favorites

hey guys. did ya'll have a wonderful wonderful weekend? oh my goodness, i sure did! i went to fayetteville, arkansas this weekend [north of where i stay] for the razorback verses tulsa football game. we had uhhhhmazing seats. no one was in front of us and if i wanted to i could've easily ran out onto the football field naked but i didn't. but it wasn't cause of the big burly security guard..i'm just not a big runner. [right..]

anyways, we headed up to northwest arkansas on friday afternoon.
it was a fun little road trip..we didn't even stop once. we were too excited to get to faye.
yep. we had lots of fun on the way up there.

after finally finding our hotel. we got settled and decided where we wanted to get some grub.
amber went out with some of her old faye friends and misti, cam, and i went and got mexican before heading out to the bars.
we went to one other bar before deciding to stay put at the dickson street pub
amber met back up with us and so did our friend natalie and her husband.
we all went to high school together.
and misti and i ran into a beaver...
and by the time 12 o clock rolled around we were all pretty tired. so it was back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep before the game.

saturday morning..we woke up, got ready, and headed to the stadium.
like i said our seats were awesome. there was no one in front of us..just the football field and the seats had backs. [thank the lord]
[[sweater from HERE and button found HERE]]
this was my second football game to go to and this time sure was better than the last. i'm so glad we all got to go together. yea i'm not a big football fan but there was so much going on and so much excitement i couldn't help but love it.
have you ever been to an sec college football game?
anyways, we went shopping after the razorbacks barely beat tulsa. there's several cute boutiques in northwest arkansas. one of them being savoir faire which i had heard about before from this northwest blogger. i found two very pretty tops that i just had to have. my daddy had given me some money fo my trip and i knew i wanted to spend it on some clothes....duh.
[thanks, daddy for buying these shirts for me]
[red corduroys found HERE-their on sale right now]
[[shirt]] [[necklace]] [[boots-kohls-last year]]
i tried to find the mint green top i also got from savoir-faire online, but i had no such luck.
goodness gracious i love fashion.

after getting back to the hotel from shopping, we rested for a bit before meeting up with lots of fayetteville friends for dinner at powerhouse.
after dinner we hit up several different bars.
[[shirt found HERE]]
needless to say, we all had such a fabulous time. i love getting to go on small little weekend trips away from my own city. so glad that we were all able to go.
which brings me to what i'm thankful for...
i'm thankful for trips..whether they are trips to another city, to another state, to another country, or just to my local target. i love em and am so thankful that i have the ability and the money to do whatever my little heart desires. i really am so thankful [and blessed] to have the opportunity to go on vacations, weekend getaways, and shopping trips. [i think without them i would probably go insane.]
i found this little numba online...and it really made me think..
what are you thankful for today? did you have a fabulous weekend, also?
tell me in the comments what you did this weekend!
"yall don't know what i've been through down there. i feel like i'm wearing a fanny pack made of skin. it's surprising i can still sit on a bar stool."


  1. Glad you had a great weekend gorgeous girl!

  2. I'm not a big football person but heck, with seats like that I would be! There's always so much people watching to do at venues like that! As for my weekend, I spent it working to get my family's cafe up and running again! We are having a grand reopening celebration this weekend! :)