Friday, November 9, 2012

America. Freedom. Egg Rolls.

today kinda sucks.
seriously i am having a no good very bad terrible day.
see what had happen was....i lost something. i have no clue where the hell it is. and it sucks. i literally tore my house apart this morning trying to find it. no such luck. 
not to mention a necklace i fell in love with was snatched from right under my nose from some old hag at holiday house last night. [holiday house is the biggest shopping event of the year here in little rock.] don't get me wrong i got two beautiful tops and my momma brought me the cutest little polka dot dress. but i just wish i had the necklace, too. 
lord. this is making me depressed. 

reading ya'lls comments from yesterday has been the only thing that's cheered me up.
thanks guys. this blogging thing, really is awesome. 
now to move on to more important things..

like..egg rolls.
i told ya'll in yesterday's post that i had a dream where i turnt into an egg roll.
the more i think about it, the weirder it is. why do we dream weird stuff?
now that  i think more about the dream i can't quite figure out if i had actually turned into one or if i was just sleeping in one. like it was a sleeping bag.
you know just pushed inside a giant egg roll with all the vegetables and other tasty stuff. 
who knows...supposedly you have weird dreams when you eat too much chinese food, but i don't know. is is there really such a thing as too much chinese food?
weirdest dream yet. and now i want an egg roll.......
i wanted to talk to ya'll today about my views on the election.
i got two words for ya..
nope. i didn't vote. don't worry, i'm not going to complain..cause A. i ain't got nothing to complain about. [plus the only people i've been hearing complain are the people who actually voted] B. it's not that i don't care about america, it's cause i know nothing bout politics. seriously, i know nothing about it. C. show me a president that's gonna end this war we've been in for 12 years..and then i might vote for him. [i really dont see that happening anytime soon though] and D. who am i to decide whom one falls in love with..? [God's the only judge]
i'm the kind of american citizen who keeps to herself. i follow the laws most of the time and i don't hate america, i freaking love it! so what, we are gonna have obama in office for four more years..get over it. the man ain't that bad, i mean without him i woulda never been able to buy my house. 
what i love best about being an american is the fact that i have the right to vote or not to vote.
so instead of going to vote on tuesday, i rented a political movie instead. 
this movie:
have you seen it?
i'm not a big will ferrell fan. and i definitely didn't rent the movie cause if him. i rented it for this guy..
and yes, he made the movie. 
so, go see this one. 
[unless you can't handle will ferrell's vulgurness. then this is probably not the movie for you.]
here's a couple of other movies i liked: [these aren't vulgar]
any of these movies would be great for a movie night with your fav peeps.
what to expect when you're expecting was my favorite outta the bunch. 
but i mean who doesn't love rebel wilson?
now lastly befoe i leave you guys for the weekend. [i' am so ready to bust outta here] here's a little photo of what i am going to be doing tomorrow morning...
my besties and i signed up for little rock's color run. our team name is the tickle me pinks and we are so crunk to get covered in paint. we are having a sleep over tonight. we'll be making dinner, making shirts, and making memories. [i hope i remember to take some pics]
to keep things simple today. i'm thankful for..egg rolls, america, and zach galifianakis. [ i would be pissed if that was my last name.]
well, what are you going to get into this weekend?
"that's what it's all about. america, jesus, freedom. america, jesus, freedom. i don't know what that means but the people sure love it when i say it."
[the campaign]


  1. Oooh, I am so glad it's friday and it sounds like you are to girl!

    I voted, and I voted for Obama because I just couldn't believe some of the things coming out of the Rep party's mouths. It was scary! LOL, but that being said had Romney won I would not be freaking out like some of these people. I had people in my Facebook feed saying "My whole family is going to be on the street!" or "Now America is going to be a third world country!" and I keep thinking "Shut up. That hasn't happened. It's not going to-you freaking drama queen. Visit a third world country so you can know what it actually is!" lol

    Now I want egg rolls too. I make awesome homemade ones and I may need to this weekend.

  2. I totally want an egg roll now... and it's cold out... and I don't want to leave the house... this sucks.