Monday, November 19, 2012

A Pinterest Inspired Weekend

okay..what is the deal? it seriously feels like we just had thanksgiving?!? does anyone else feel like this year went by entirely too fast? it's crazy.
anyways, if you know me at all, you know this is my favorite time of year. it makes my heart beat suupa fast just thinking about all the excitement going on right now.
thanksgiving is this week.
i'm gonna pull out all my christmas decor and start decorating my little butt off.
i am also helping one of my mom's friends decorate some houses this year. [can't wait]
hoping to have a friendsgiving with my besties. we wanna make some fun christmas ornaments, too.
i cannot wait to start seeing christmas lights everywhere.  
i have so much going on in december that i am literally biting my lip just thinking about all the fun things i'll be doing this holiday season.
anyways, to get myself [even more] in the holiday spirit i signed up for a couple of christmas swaps. 
the first one was an ornament swap hosted by this chick i haven't received my ornament just yet because it's coming from a different country. this girl is sending it to me all the way from glasgow, scotland. wow. 
i also, signed up for angie and beth's 12 days of christmas swap.
which i am pretty crunk about. i'll be getting 12 gifts i can open during the 12 days of christmas. [a present for everyday.] and i'll also be sending out my own little christmas care package to a special friend, too. i'm pretty excited to start shopping. 
i just recently bought two new ornaments for my tree that i will hopefully be putting up this week. i have so many random ornaments and can't wait to start pulling them out. 
here's the two new ones i got... hobby lobby has all their christmas stuff on 50% off right now. so i got these little guys for pretty cheap.
[piper loves ornaments] can't wait to find a special place for these little ones on my tree.
when are you decorating your tree? or have you already?

with thanksgiving happening this work always has a big potluck the day before. everyone brings something and we feast out. i mean it is a feeast fo sho. so i've been trying to think..what do i want to bring to the potluck? last year i made nutter balls and the year before that i did oreo balls sooo do i just wanna stick with the norm? i have been contemplating this since they posted the sign up sheet two weeks ago...
soo i went to pinterest for some ideas. well that was dumb cause it just made me hungry. but anyways, i came upon three different treats that i thought i would just give them a shot.

[i didn't use the dill weed for some reason]
here's my own:
they turned out AMAZING! i brought some to a co-worker and the rest i devoured all by myself.

i saw this one and immediately wanted to try it. this blog gave very easy instructions.
[i used strawberry cake mix instead of vanilla cause i already had the strawberry.]
here's mines:
this is one you have to eat right after making it. it's just not as good leftover. 

my favorite of the bunch. found on this blog.
[i let my chocolate chips melt, and scooped them into balls, instead of cutting them into bars]
here's how mine turned out:
i'm gonna bring these to my dad's bday dinner tonight.
now, i still haven't found what i want to make for the potluck buuutt pinterest still has lots of goodies i can try.

as far as this weekend went..i was pretty busy. considering i spent most of it by myself. 
i did a good bit of cleaning. made those treats listed above. and did waaay too much shopping. seriously houston people i have a problem. [admitting it is always the first step, right?]
i have spent waaay too much money the past few weeks. i have bought waaay too many new things that i just do not need. like what you ask? ya'll already know i gots to share..
i went to holiday house with my momma and got these fun goodies. 
my mom bought the polka dot dress for me but the other two i spent a whopping $84.00 on..oops
the black and white sweater is from target. you can find it {HERE}
the leopard print top i found at holiday house.
the grey scarf from kiki la'rue is like one of my favs right now.
and the new floral top with the fishtail i got at target. i tried to find it on the such luck.
and speaking of that new fav scarf i also got it in black..[i'm wearing it today] unfortunately they are out of the scarves right now.
i was able to snag the last black one. 
so as you can see..i have been spending way to much money..on myself. so i am OFFICIALLY putting myself on a shopping freeze. for real this time. what with christmas right around the corner i need to be thinking about my loved ones..not myself. 
so i will not buy anything else for myself till after christmas. i mean i'll buy food and stuff just not clothes, shoes, nail polish or movies. i'm stopping right now. [ok ok i'm still gonna rent movies..i'm just not gonna buy any]
you think i can do it? fat chance

ok moving on...speakin of movies and christmas, here's a couple of christmas movies i watched this weekend. i may or may not have watched nothing but christmas movies all weekend..
what's your favorite christmas movie? honestly i can't pick a favorite but this one comes pretty close:

one last thing before i go...i had pinned this idea a couple of weeks ago and i finally decided to just do it!
the inspriation:
and my version:
i have so much polish that this needed to get done. and it really wasn't at all time consuming. 
ok i think that's enough for one day.
what did you do this weekend? did you make anything?
i'm really looking forward to this week. i am really hoping it goes a lot better than last week..where i had to endure this bullshit nonsense..
i swear some weeks it is just so. bad. men some people just don't understand. are your cramps ever just so horrible that you think you might pass out from pain..? yea that's how i felt last week. no fun. 
but i have a feeling this week will be a million times better..i mean HELLO i only have to work for three days. i love short work weeks, don't you?
well how bout it? are you ready for thanksgiving??
"we don't just fly around throwing lead-painted toys down chimneys anymore."
[arthur christmas]


  1. We're stoked to have you in the swap- thanks for signing up! Your post has me in the holiday mood already. :)

  2. Be CRUNK-because we're partners yayayayaya! :)