Monday, October 8, 2012

We Completely Flipped This House

it's monday again.
and today i gots something special to share with you. 
besides selling razorback junk, i also rent houses. my family owns quite a few rental properties all over north little rock and sherwood.  
we usually will buy the property and fix it up before we rent it. but sometimes we have to completely flip the house in order to get it ready for a family. 

and that's what we did with this house.
i'm telling you the before and after pictures will blow your mind.
ohh and that's what i'm showing you's today!
we've already got the house rented and she moved her family in this weekend. 

i'm telling you, when i drove up to clean the house and take after photos i didn't even recognize the place. i would've driven right past it if my maintenance crew hadn't have been there. 

prepare to be amazed.
[we added the laundry room]
[the kitchen is gorgeous, right?]
the bedrooms:
[i love the closet doors we decided to do]
is your mind blown?
i meant to get an "after" photo of the backyard cause we built them a little deck and cleaned up all the gobs and gobs of trash.
needless to say my job is very rewarding. the family moving into the house was extremely excited and very very grateful. 

speaking of houses.....i've decided to sell mines and find something that's a little bit more suitable for me.
whew it's a big step in my life, but dang i'm about to be 25..i think it's about time i had a slammin bachelorette pad. don't you?

here's a couple of pins that i know i'm gonna need for my new crib.
a walk in closet is a must. right now i am using four closets and a rolling rack for my wardrobe. 
maybe i should stop shopping but i think just getting a bigger closet will be waaay easier.
i really love the look of striped walls..especially grey and white.
i'm really digging the different color doors throughout the home.
just like a walk-in closet, this is a necessity, too. right now i'm sitting on the bedroom floor and putting my makeup on using my mirrored closet doors. this means my makeup is just strewn out all over the floor. just not ok. 
definitely wanna have a funky colored front door. like purple, lemon yellow, or a funky teal color.
and lastly here's a hallway that i am absolutely in love with..i definitely plan to re-create something very similar.
i really like trimming the walls and using the same paint color as the wall. yes, this is officially a must in the new crib.

well..i think this post has gotten long enough. sorry peoples. 
now maybe i should get to work. i gots to go to hot springs tomorrow. i will say, it's always nice to get away from the office for a day.
what did you do this weekend? pin anything funky and fun?
"that's right. there's that old adage: you can't steal and dance at the same time."
[the great muppet caper]


  1. Wow. Its lIke a real life version of Flip This House!

  2. that's an amazing improvement! super impressive :)

  3. Holy cow, that is a huge change! Amazing job!

    Wow, selling and buying, such a big deal! I decided to put my buying plans on hold so I can go back to school soon. I'm starting to think I should maybe try both.