Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Weekend I Did...

well i was going to post yesterday but i felt ill. i still feel ill. like totes sick. mainly just sick to my stomach. almost like if i did throw up i would feel a million trillion times betta. we'll see. 

okay so it's the new week after the weekend so you's all know what dat means..
i know i am not the only one who does one of these every week. i like seein what folks did over the weekend. did you do anything tight?
i actually had a pretty solid weekend. friday night i hung with my girls. saturday i got to see a friend and hang with my girl, piper. and sunday i got to chill with the family. 
that means i got to see everyone who is special to me. which made it a pretty great weekend.

here's some photos from that great weekend:

friday night was one of my bestie's [misti] birthdays. so we went to benihana's for din din and then went to da cluuub. [our favorite, willy d's] 

[drinks before dinner]

i literally was obsessed with our japanese waitress, ester. i'm telling yall, she was the cutest little waitress ever. i wanted to ask her if she wanted to come to the club with us. but decided not to..i didn't want to haveta compete with her cuteness.
we left the restaurant at 9 o clock so needless to say we separated for a bit before meeting back up at willy d's. cameron [my date] and i just chilled at my crib before. we didn't wanna be the first losers people at the club. duh.
we got to the club around 10 or so and partied till 1 o clock..i couldn't last any longer i was literally yawning up a storm and i could barely keep my eyes open.
all in all i think my mistibooboo had a wonderful 24th birthday!!

saturday i slept in. later than usual, too. oh my world and it was glorious!
then i went to kohls to get some shoes for a wedding..that i didn't end up going to..but am DEFINITELY keeping the shoes.
new favorites? possibly.
the rest of saturday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and i got to see a friend i hadn't seen in a couple of months..which was nice.
and yes..that was baaasically my saturday. i am officially boring.

sunday was my weekly #wakenbakesundays. a new sunday tradition i've started at my crib.
check out the first week {HERE} and the second week right {HERE}

this week i did pumpkin cupcakes.
 i found the recipe by randomly searching in google [naturally]...that recipe is found {HERE}
it's super simple. which i love.
[the ingredients]
[mixing it up]
the frosting was easy, too. 
just cream cheese and powdered sugar beaten till soft.

oh my world..yes yes they are amazing!
but seriously who doesn't like pumpkin?

these were super easy to make and different from your normal sweet cupcake.
the directions didn't call for cinnamon but i went ahead and put a dash of it on top of the frosting. definitely a wise choice if i do say so myself.

sunday night we celebrated my great-grandma's 90th birthday.
that's right..90 years old.

alrighty then. that's what this chick did this weekend.
now it's your turn to tell me what you did this weekend? come on, you know you wanna tell me allllllll about it!
"i know who it is. it's old rock; that doesn't make it classic. what sucked back then still sucks now. ugh it's like having a pine cone shoved in my ass."
[live free or die hard]


  1. first and foremost, we need to take a moment for those pumpkin cupcakes...... yes, they look amazing. lol. Second, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Fingers crossed you get better asap. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest interview about what it's like working with Lauren Conrad and some exciting TV projects. Thanks, love. xo


  2. Awesome weekend, and YUM. I want to eat those cupcakes so much! Feel better soon!