Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sometimes.. You're Just Scatterbrained


hey there, friends [and family]
i am so glad monday is over. and we can get on with tuesday. which brings us one step closer to the weekend. 
last weekend...i wore a costume, lost my debit card, froze my bootay off, and i had such a fun time doing it.
[i didn't lose my card, just left it at the bar on tab it happens to the best of us]
anyways, i will tell you's all about that tomorrow in my halloweenie post. since tomorrow is halloween. duh.

unfortunately, since i lost my debit card..this does not apply to me:
so naturally i have been all over pinterest using it as my therapy savior entertainment.
so i thought why not share some with you today.
just some of my favorites. like these three AMAZING photos:
[island on a waterfall]
[two rivers collide]
[this was painted by a street artist]
all of these were found via pinterest but unfortunately i can't remember which board i pinned them to. and when you have 15 boards and over 800 pins it gets a little hoardish. [guess it's better to mentally hoard than physically hoard..right? right.]

i'm in love with this tattoo.
and this one too:
that's insane, am i right? the whole side of his body covered by a gorgeous house.
[don't worry, mom, i don't plan on getting another tattoo anytime soon]

okay this post might be all over the place. so so sawry, friends. i'm just letting my brain scatter write freely.
anyways, i had told ya'll on friday that my pops was coming home from china that day..well him's got home safely and we all had u.s. pizza with him friday night. [well he had a salad..typical] and my mom, my bro's gf, and i split a bbq chicken pizza. typical 
anyways, my dad had decided to go back to the office to get the "surprises" he brought back from china, and since i had left this:
[basket made for ms. killa cam's lively's 4th grade class]
i figured i might as well tag along..so i could get my surprise the basket.

my dad has brought back so many great things from china..for basically all my life. 
he's been going over there for probably 16 years and we think he's been over there more than 34 times. 
that means he's brought us 34 very original "surprises" like..china dolls, shoes, jewelry, art, clothes, swords, and all kinds of different toys and such as.
but this time he brought us girls back something very different than our normal "surprises"
you seent that right ladies. louis vuittons for me, my momma, my sissy and my bro's girlfriend, liz.
my mom and i were pretty surprised.

not that my daddy had any apologizing to do...i just thought this was funnty.

i saw someone i used to live by in the grocery store on sunday night.
he lived in the apartment below and across from me...needless to say this above ecard is the "relationship" we now have.
[long story short...he was going to war and i didn't want to date a soldier..things got ugly..i moved away..the end]
hey, it made me laugh.

several people told me this movie was hilarious..
i mean it was funny but it definitely wasn't hilarious.

and lastly this little number that i saw on the bargain blonde's instagram..
well kids i'm off to see the wizard to sam's to buy expensive huge bags of candy for halloween on the hill. what is halloween on the hill? a money sucker an event that happens every halloween here in good ole north little rock. all the businesses in park hill [neighborhood that gameday is in] open up their businesses to over 1500 kids for trick or treating. [we actual close our business and sit outside and pass out candy] we always run out of candy every year before the event is even over.
thankfully this will be north little rock's last year to do halloween on the hill since we will be moving to a new building in november.
this new building to be exact:
ok so it's clearly still in the process of being re-modeled. but you get the picture.
alrighty folks [did ya'll know that's a gang?...i'm gonna start a gang and name it ketchup "ya'll"] i am clearly losing my mind and need to end this post like right now.
have a lovely tuesday! i can finally go get my debit card..[the bar doesn't re-open till tuesdays after 2]
"ohh, you got to be kidding me. they just give you candy? just like that? no strings? even if you're not from this country? huh so you're telling me, that if i show up at someone's house and say "trick or treat" they'll give me a free piece of candy? i just don't believe you."
[that 70's show]

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  1. bummer about the loosing of your debit card. i had troubles with mine this weekend, i was 6 hours away rom home visiting my cousin which means eating out and lots of shopping and i had some fraudulent activity on my debit card. bank froze my card so i was left without any money!