Friday, October 26, 2012

Let's Get Crunk

ummm okay writing yesterday's post was the best idea i've had in awhile..well besides changing my career and all. writing it all out and getting it all out in the open, made me excited and i'm not afraid anymore.

oh and all of your encouraging comments really made me even more crunk for this new chapter of my life. i don't know what i would do without you little roller disco queens here cheering me on!
yall. iz. awesome!!
and yall thought i wasn't gonna post today.
i just had a couple of things to share and i couldn't wait for next week.

him and my unc went to china for the past week and a half to take care of some biznass. that meant it was all up to little ole me to take care of rental property shaz why the old man was outta town. although it has been a ton to handle, i think him going out of town, and letting me handle things like: finding an electrician, coming up with a solution to fix a broken pipe, and finding an affordable 20 inch stove to replace a broken one really made me realize huh i'm good at this. this job by all means doesn't even remotely stress me out as much as gameday was doing.
yea yea i'm on the phone a lot. but i've gotten over my fear of chatting on the telephone and it doesn't even phase me anymore. and the best part, i didn't even have to ask my dad for help. [very much] i just handle the situation the best i could and wasn't afraid to make a final decision. even when i know nothing about plumbing 
even though it has been a great learning experience having my dad on the other side of the world, i am one happy camper about seeing him and having him back in the office. [i'm sure my maintenance crew feels the same way]

i got my haircut on wednesday morning. and i loves it. i need to do morning haircuts more often. it was very refreshing and i didn't have to fix my hair. 
i think it's decided: wants you go short it's hard to ever go long again.
i'm wearing my kiki la'rue sweater i got in a a couple of weeks ago.

i had said that i might have to work on my saturday. huh not okay. especially since they just scheduled me without even asking me..i mean i'm never scheduled. so why you gotta start doing it now? well they decided to go ahead and get one of the regular employees who works regularly at the store to work on saturday. i mean i don't even know how to run the cash register........

4. LOOKING FOR A GOOD MOVIE? (i got three to recommend)
if you're lookin for a good movie to watch this weekend i suggest this one:
i rented this one and watched it on repeat for the whole five days.
needless to say i might need this on blu-ray cause it's that addicting.

ohh you've seen the avengers already? that's fine you should check this one out too:
i was skeptical about this one. umm can we saying effin awesome! cause it was. this one hasn't made it into my library just yet..but oh it will. why is rihanna so badass?

and looking for one without violence?
this is the perfect one: [pun intended]
hilarious. hilarious. hilarious.
loved every minute of it. 

have you seen any good movies lately? 

and my costume is complete. i'll show you guys it next week. now i really hope i do more than just sit at home, watching movies, and eating candy corn. check out what i dressed as last year right {HERE}
what are you going to be for halloween?

well tgif. 
i'm really hoping i get drunk crunk this weekend!
"this is a 52 inch aquos quattron t.v. with state of the art 3d technology that makes avatar look avatarded."
[a very harold and kumar christmas] 


  1. Did you know the director of Pitch Perfect is originally from Arkansas? Truth.

  2. Your hair looks so cute, and I am so excited for you and your new chapter doing stuff you love!

    Have a great Halloween weekend love!

  3. Love the hair cut!! Super cute! Happy Weekend!! :)

  4. Lookin' cutie with the new cut if I do say so myself ;)

    I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Check it out!