Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Time to Stop Playin Games and Start Followin My Dreams


so it worked. i found somebody to punch me in the face.


in all honesty i just did this:
i don't know why i didn't do this from the very beginning.
don't worry, my momma did not punch me in the face. she just came up with a plan that would work for everyone. i still gotta wake up early but i don't have to be on the news. i just got to go down to the stadium, set everything up, and take everything down. we got them to change it from the studio to the stadium since my entire family will be down there. and my dad is going to do the interview. 
i am so happy with this plan. this p.o.a.
i really thought i was going to have a panic attack yesterday. and i'm pretty glad i didn't have to get punched in this face. although i'm sure that would be one pretty interesting video to post on my blog. maybe next time.

i had a couple of you's comment with confusion over yesterday's post and i guess i owe you guys an explanation. i haven't been totally honest here on my blog. i haven't been lying by all means, but i just been giving the good stuff and not including any bad stuff. i have made it seem that i absolutely love running the three razorback stores my family owns. Unfortunately, yall, this isn't entirely true. i do love some parts..but that's just not enough anymore. 
i guess i just figure since my family and friends read this blog it's easier to seem like i'm happy so no one asks questions. but why would i want to seem happy? i want to be happy.

so i had to make a decision.
continue to just do what i'm doing now?
follow my dreams?
i need to make a change.
don't get me wrong, i love my family and living in arkansas is great, too. 
but it's not enough.
i want to have a different perspective on my life. [one of the reasons i wanna move] i don't want to wait around anymore, waiting for something great to happen. i want to make something great happen.

like i said, i have been thinking and praying about this decision for awhile now. and it's time to quit thinking about it and actually do it.
it's time to decide.
so here's what i've decided.
i've decided to find me a beautiful new home in sherwood. it really isn't a big change but i think it will be a good change. [sherwood is a small city basically right next door to north little rock] i have also decided to focus on the rental property business and go to real estate school. nervous? ohhh yeah! annnnnd i'm going to take some interior decorating courses. 

my dream is, sell, and decorate houses.

for the following reasons:

in all honesty, i really like renting houses. dealing with a maintenance crew, repair men, tenants, insurance reps, and utility companies is waaay easier than dealing with employees, customers, hardcore fans, salespeople and donation fiends.

my dad is a real estate agent and we work together on the rental properties, so why not work together as a real estate team. plus, my daddy stinks at getting paperwork done and i happen to be the paperwork queen.

I LOVE TO DECORATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you read this blog then you already know that. i would love to learn more. there's a couple of different courses i could take here in the north little rock area. people tell me all the time that they want me to come and decorate their house. well, i really think this would give me the push and the knowledge to do so. [i've been dreaming bout this job since i was little] i also think that it will get me to sell my crafts on the side. i want to do that desperately, maybe have my own booth somewhere with my crafts and cute decor for sale. 

wow. it gets me excited and happy just writing about it. 

i was a little upset to find out that i might have to work the north little rock store on saturday...can this week get any worse? all i'm doing is keeping my eye on the prize...i know i can't just quit gameday in the blink of an i'm just trying to remember that i am not going to be doing this forever. [my mind is already made up]

i really like to work by myself if i can. i like to make my own schedule. [that's my independence for ya] running the razorback stores.....i couldn't really do that..[obvi look at the above paragraph] there's no flexibility. i can't be smothered. and it is definitely starting to smother me. plus, considering the amount of people that have all of sudden taken some interest in gameday [when they weren't interested the first two years it was open] has gotten extremely overwhelming. too many people have gotten involved so i think it's the perfect opportunity for me to fade into the mist.

yes, there will be things i miss, like buying stuff at trade shows, buying meetings, seeing all the fun stuff we get in, and even putting it into the stores all nice and pretty. but lort i cannot even imagine running four stores...or six! somebody really would have to punch me in the face then. 

and i promise to start being a little more honest here on my blog. so you, you, & you aren't confused when i pull something out of left field. 

i cannot tell you guys how excited i am for this new journey. it's said, if you want to change you have to make the change. i can't wait on anyone else anymore. it's time to start living for me. it's time to find my happiness. it will be a long and hard journey but i know i will get there. i have love and support from my family. and i am officially ready to jump out of my comfort zone and just do it!

are you following your dreams?
i saw this on this girl's instagram a couple of months ago and i keep coming back to it.
i really think this gave me the extra push.
i'm sure i won't be back tomorrow. 
so i hope each and every one of you have a better weekend than me. 
i'm already ready for sunday.
"you wanna work with me? get your mind right. if you want to chase split-tail, then go be a firefighter."


  1. Do the damn thing, girl. :) You'll rock at whatever you do.

  2. Good for you! You have to make up your mind and go for it!

  3. Girl!!!! I have way too many points to make, but I'm going to try to keep this short. 1. Thanks for the mini shout out. I was pumped to see I was the third 'you!' 2. I am so happy for you that you are living your dream. I feel as if we should/could/must be awesome friends in real life together one day. I am literally going through the exact same thing. 3. So 'exact same thing"-ish that I AM GETTING MY REAL ESTATE LICENSE IN JANUARY AND TEAMING UP WITH MY MOM! Crazzzzzy! Let's stay in touch and share real estate marketing ideas with each other! :)

  4. I snort laughed through your "face punch" opening. That was hilarious.