Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'd Rather Get Punched In The Face

i was in a great mood this morning. 
i got to spend time with my family in my favorite city yesterday. i was feeling refreshed. ready to take on the rest of this week. but now not so much. 
i just found out i have to be on the news. again.

i hate being on the news.

i'm going to be real honest with you in this post.
i'm tired. 
i don't want to be on tv.
i don't want to wake up on my day off to go do something i absolutely hate.
not to mention the fact that my family will be working the stupid razorback game at war memorial stadium in little rock. 
this means..i have no one to go over to the studio with me. 
i do a lot of things by myself.
i'm ok to be by myself. but going on the news by myself without anyone there to support me just isn't something i wanna do.

and to be completely totally honest with all of you's...
i would rather be punched in the face then go on the news. 

so here's my solution:
i just have to find some sorry sap to punch me in the face right before the news segment. that way i'll be knocked out and won't have to do the news.
genius? i think so.
either way i have to be on the news on saturday morning by myself..even if mike tyson was to punch me in the face..

what a sweet post i am writing today. [*sarcasm*]'s almost lunch time. i'm gonna run to office depot. [mainly to just take a breather and get outta the office]
things are definitely going to have to change soon in my life. i cannot continue to pretend to be happy with a job that completely stresses me out.
i'm done.

and to keep this post from being a complete debbie downer.
here's some funny pins.
your welcome.

and last but not least.
here's my new motto:
cause shopping always makes me happy even when my bank account is pissed. 
are you dreading anything lately?
"i'm gonna take your ass to court for involuntary manslaughter and battery against a jehovah's witness."
[friday after next]


  1. Boo. I'm sorry you have to do something you don't want to. but at least it's getting publicity for your business, right?

  2. I definitely have days when peoples faces annoy me :)

  3. Hi!I'm very confused. I may have missed a few posts, but I thought you loved working at the store? I had no idea how stressed you were! I'm sorry! And just think how much more business you'll be getting!

    The "somebody I used to know" made me laugh!

  4. Explain to me, because I am slightly out of the loop, why do you go on the news? Are you a top secret rock star?! Also, I am totally with you about the 'dreading the job thing' - I just wish I could blog about it to get a little love and support from my readers. Unfortunately, I've had to keep it all top secret until something changes... keep your chin up! We can get through this crazy work crap!