Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happiness DOES NOT Include Cockroaches

yesterday was one tough tuesday. am i right? lord my back just hates me right now. and my tummy ain't being the sweetest thing either. needless to say i am ready to get of work so i can go home and curl up in the fetal position with the heater blowing directly in my face. lord i have been freezing all. day. 
but let's talk about some happy things shall we?
let me be the first to say..if you left a comment on my desperate friday post thank you!
snap. ya'll really know how to make a girl feel special.

and i gots some good and happy news!
luckily it turns out, i really did buy my house in november 2009. i just refinanced it in 2010. what what!
so it looks like it is going to work out. 
i can't tell you guys how happy i was to hear that. now, i just have to have the patience to find the perfect crib for me and piper.
ooh i'm just so ready to move and be somewhere different. i'm on the edge of my seat, here. 
and pinterest isn't helping.
i mean i have to do this in my new crib:
different kinds of maps in different color frames. this is so me.
i swear i am in love with this idea. you can get these ceiling rosettes at lowe's or home depot. i wanna paint em either black or a metallic grey. then put them up on a patterned wall.
like this:
[in love with this wallpaper on brit's album.]
i swear i am already full of so many ideas. ya'll know how much i love a good project.

now before i leave work for the day, i wanted to tell ya'll bout a little scary story that happened to me on tuesday night. [i mean halloween is in 14 days..which mean i needs to get on my costume pronto!]

so. i'm in bed tuesday night all tucked in snug and tight.
i have the bridesmaids commentary playing quietly in the background and i just got off pinterest for the night.
i was ready for bed.
piper slipped into the room and crawled in bed with me.
i turned the tv off and we started to drift off to sleep.
but suddenly piper bounces up and zooms to the foot of the bed.
and just stands there.
so i of course i am tense.
what could it be?
is it a burglar? is someone trying to break in? is someone trying to _____ knock me?
piper's back is arched, she' sitting completely still except for her tail which is swishing back and forth at a rapid pace.
she then runs into the bathroom.
and that's when i see it.
a small black oval chillin on my white bathroom floor.
piper pounces at it and i am not lying when i say, it FLEW AT ME! 
into my bed.
don't worry i was outta there before he could land on my mattress.
[screaming bloody mary, of course]
i flipped the light as piper and i darted into the hallway.
sick. that's just one thing i cannot deal with. and you already know i had to go look for it. i couldn't be trying to sleep with some kind of critter in my bed.
so i snuckk back into my room.
i looked under all my pillows, under my bathroom rugs, under the clothes in my bathroom.
i searched high. i searched low.
did i imagine it?
i asked piper to come check it out and she came into the room slower than i did.
it has to be something!
she went into the bathroom and i went into the kitchen. [i needed a bowl of cheerios to calm me down]
and when i came back.....piper had him cornered.
i wasn't imagining anything.
nope there he was clear as day.
a HUGE cockroach.
literally probably one of the creepiest critters out there.
agreed? amen.
well naturally i didn't have a shoe in sight.
so i grabbed the first thing i could reach to kill this disgusting little thing:
yea he didn't stand a chance with this bad boy looming over him.
took a couple of tries but i finally smashed him. good.
[there's no way piper could kill and eat this one]
i knew i wouldn't have been able to sleep unless this little shit was dead.
thank goodness for piper.
if she hadn't been there i would have thought i "just imagined it" and then went to sleep and the roach woulda crawled into my ears and layed eggs. i would have baby cockroaches living in my ears..and that's definitely an antidote for turning into a zombie.
so the point of this post is to tell you...if you don't have a might want to think about getting one.
hey they clearly save lives.
i wonder why they don't have police cats?
"woah woah woah you're not my stepbrother anymore, you're a stepstranger."
[forgetting sarah marshall]


  1. Oh. My. God. I HATE Cockroaches! I've seen three in my appartment over the years and they creep me out to no end! They're hard to kill too! The first time I ever saw one, he was just hanging out in my living room and my friend Kristi was over and we were both screaming as I tried to kill it with a broom handle! EW!

    The second time was in the shower so I just washed him down the drain. Luckly they spray once a year, so I don't really see them again. *shudder*

  2. Woo Woo about your house!!!

    GAAAAAAAAAH about the roach!!! $#@!$%

    I love that about cats - my old baby Freck used to pounce and MURDER any bug she saw, instantly. My dog? Sniffs it, takes it in her mouth, spits it out, repeat, repeat, repeat. Never kills it. Just tastes it. KILL IT!!!

  3. Ewwww that's so gross! Thank goodness you were awake and could kill it! I've had to kill several bugs in my apartment, I always smash them so hard until I am SURE that they are dead!

  4. Hey Lady! Not sure if you remember me for a trillion months ago - I went on a blogging hiatus. But I'm back now, and I am so happy to see how great your blog is doing! Can't wait to hear more about the house! And I absolutely LOVE the ceiling rosettes idea. Hoping over to Pinterest right now to follow ya! Hope you're doing well and that you are still absolutely loving your jeep!