Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BOO! Pumpkins, Costumes, and Scary Movies.. oh my

are you wearing your halloween costume today? i came so close to just wearing my costume's wig to work today. why didn't i wear a wig today? i'm dumb. i am, however, wearing my halloween tee.
[you wish you had one]
i think i'm gonna write this whole post in orange. i'm feeling kinda festive.
i have a confession..i have never carved a pumpkin before. 
SAY WHAT?! i know i know i am terrible. i mean i remember watching my dad do it those two few times we carved pumpkins as a fam but i have never actually carved my own pumpkin.
i love the bert and ernie pumpkins...maybe i'll have to do those one year...or maybe something like these:
or i could keep things traditional and do something like this:
or something not so scary:
have you carved pumpkins before?
i actually might try to make these little pumpkins:
what a great idea.

ok now i have a lots to post today so hold on cause this is gonna be a bumpy ride. 
[say that in your best amy squirrel voice]
now where were we..i guess we better start with what i dressed as for halloween.
i love costumes, yall. they are just so much fun. [i actually already know what/who i'm being next year.]
once i knew what i wanted to be it was just a matter of putting all the pieces together to create the perfect look.
have you guessed it?
[i darkened my eyebrows with black eye shadow and wore bright red lipgloss]
well if you guessed cruella deville that would be correct!
so many people loved my costume. i had several people want to take their picture with me..
one girl even screamed and jumped up and down with i was really her. flattering weird.
[had to take one glove off to take the pic]
i got that furry vest from kohls [of course] for thirty bucks..will definitely be wearing it this fall/winter.
i got three boas from hobby lobby and tied them together to make my "fur" wrap. 
and ya'll know i had to have a cigarette holder and red them at a halloween store here in north little rock. [i wrapped the cigarette holder with red duct tape]
cameron and i went to our fav spot..willy d's. we had so much fun even if we did end up leaving our debit cards...
[cam was a pirate]
what did you dress as for halloween?
and that was my costume, folks.

i went yesterday afternoon [after getting my debit card] to get a big bag if candy for the trick or treaters tonight. i'm sure my little nephew will be stopping by in his costume..this will be him's first halloween.
his costume:
can you guess what he's gonna be?

i also have halloween on the hill today..i talked about it in yesterday's insanity
well i went yesterday afternoon to get HUGE bags of candy from sam's. we always run out of candy way before the event is even over. they have around 1500 kids come every year and just like yesterday's's insane! but like i said this is the north little rock store's last year since we will be moving to a new store at the end of november.
it really made me quite sick buying all that candy. i saw a lady, who goes to my church, buying candy for trunk or treat, which is smaller event within halloween on the that means kids in north little rock...get candy at their school halloween parties, candy at halloween on the hill, candy at trunk or treat, [the other event] and more candy that night when they go trick or treating..WHAT?! that's just too much candy.
i guess it is halloween..might as well rot the youth of america's teeth. usa. usa. usa. usa.

i cannot even talk. i have a whole shelf in my pantry with nothing but candy..
as far as what i'll be during tonight, i don't know yet. just hang out at the house, watch scary movies, and scare treat trick or treaters. 
speaking of movies heres some i've seen over the past couple of months that are a little on the scary might find one to watch tonight. 
if ya wanna see something really really scary..check out the original girl with the dragon tattoo [it's subtitled and even more brutal/violent than the american version. i actually had to turn it off] or you might want something that's not so scary but more creepy..and halloweeny
any of these would be perfect for a halloween movie night.
ok ok maybe you're looking for something a little less potty mouth more family friendly..
this is from monsters inc [couldn't help myself] a great family friendly halloween movie.
ok so this post has clearly gotten too long. 
i hope all of you's have a fun and safe halloween!!! ima kick a kid's ass if they try to egg my crib
what are you doing for halloween?
"well, we'll skip their houses when we're trick or treating. what do you want me to do? form a posse? got your six-shooter on you? i got my lynching rope."
[knocked up]


  1. Oh my gosh, those Bert and Ernie pumpkins are fantastic.

  2. Your costume is sooooo awesome. I seriously love it-you are so creative!

    I'm going to have to take some movie recommendations from you there.

  3. AWESOME costume!! You did a great job! I wish we could find a reason to wear random costumes once a month.... or at least quarterly. :) Happy Halloween! xoxo

  4. Cute Cruella! As for pumpkins....carving is fun, but also messy and time-consuming, and the pumpkin will rot within a week or so. Another great option is to paint (with Sharpie) on it, or bedazzle it- if you don't have to cut into the pumpkin, it will last MUCH longer. :)
    Have fun tonight!

  5. loves the post bebe! thanks for stopping by!
    those pumpky photos always make me laugh! i've seenthem floating around the web a while now and they are so freaking cute!
    i'm terrible at carving pumpkins so we skipped it this year LOL

    have a lovely weekend!

  6. I've never carved a pumpkin either! I'm afraid I'll cut a finger off! I think my fave one here is Bert and Ernie though! And I LOVE your costume- very creative!! (And leaving behind your card is a sure sign of a great time!)